by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

With December almost here I was putting my Christmas list in a bit early. Most Giants fans understand that there are three positions in need of an upgrade to take this team to the next level.

  • Cornerback – CB2 opposite of Bradberry
  • Edge Rusher – OLB or DE that can finish
  • Wider Receiver – Dumping Tate and getting a True No. 1 receiver

This morning I asked the Giants Twitter-verse if I had any “takers” on the crop of 2021 Free Agents in the Wide Receiver category.

2021 FA Wide Receivers Class:

Allen Robinson, Chris Godwin, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Kenny Golladay, Will Fuller, TY Hilton, AJ Green, Sammy Watkins, Marvin Jones.

JuJu: The response here was interesting. While I don’t exactly see JUJU as a slot receiver (a few responses) JuJu is not overly tall (6’1″) or overly fast. In 2019 the Steeler trade Antonio Brown and Smith-Schuster became the No. 1 receiver. With Big Ben out due to injury in week two, JuJu struggled with a career-low 552 yards. Debatable if he’s a No.1. I don’t believe he’s a great route runner, and his speed does scare anyone. But in Pittsburgh…he seems like the future & will command too much scratch.

Allen Robinson: Robinson is almost 6’3″ & 220lbs, but is not fast. With 4.6 speed he is not a burner but produced alongside average QB’s like Henne and Bortles. 2017 washed to ACL injury. In 2018, Robinson signed with the Bears for more QB torture playing with Mitch Trubisky. Seven years in the league only 2 seasons over 1000 yards (four years apart). Averages five TD’s a year. Is the juice worth the squeeze? His 3rd team in eight years. Why?

Kenny Galloday: KG is a tall guy with skill. For some reason, the NFL was not impressed with the receiver coming out of college (4th/5th rd. grade). He’s not a burner at 4.5, but has great size at 6’4″. Detroit rolled the dice, took him in the 3rd round and he has impressed ever since. 2018 (1063 yards | 70 rec. | 5 TDS) 2019 (1190 yards | 65 rec. | 11 TDS)

Chris Godwin: Godwin is a Philadelphia native who isn’t very tall at 6’1″ but can fly at 4.4. Drafted by Tampa Bay in the 3rd round (2017) he was mostly in the background behind DeSean Jackson & Mike Evans. Godwin had two NICE, Darius Slayton like seasons in 2017/2018. In 2019 Godwin exploded with 1333 yards and nine TDs. In 2020 Goodwin was expected to continue his upward trajectory with Brady; however, injuries have slowed him down: Concussion, hamstring, and fractured fingers (surgery). He deserves a shot at stepping out of the Mike Evans shadow. The AB signing is a sign…it’s time to go.

Will Fuller: Fuller is the shortest of the big-name receivers looking for a payday at 6’0, but he’s also the fastest at a blazing 4.3. Fuller has always been a major contributor to the Texans, but in 2018 the Texans went 11-5 and to the playoffs with him on the IR with a torn ACL. With Hopkins traded in the offseason, Fuller is now the Texans No. 1 receiver and is on his way to career-highs in every category. Texans may not pay, but not the right fit for the Giants.

Rest of the Pack:

TY Hilton: Too many miles. Love the guy, but it’s not what the GMEN need.

Watkins: Three teams in 7 years. Hard Pass. Golden Tate Part 2.

Marvin Jones: Two teams in 7 years. Great speed. Detroit will not let Jones & Galloday leave. He’s cheaper than Galloday, but not a No.1 receiver.

What To Do:

The Giants need to draft cornerbacks. The starting defense is primarily made up of Free Agents/Trades: Martinez, Bradberry, Logan Ryan, Ryan Lewis, Isaac Yiadom, Fackrell, Leonard Williams, Mayo, Downs, and Peppers. Drafting cornerbacks is a necessity here for the future of this team.

Galloday or Godwin could be the guy.