By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

This will be part 7 in a series of 13 as we take a look at the Guard position in the 2021 NFL draft. The Guard position is considered deeper than previous drafts as we could see a large amount taken by the end of Day 3. Let’s take a look at my Top 10 Guards in the 2021 NFL draft.

  1. Rashawn Slater (Northwestern)-6’4/315: Slater plays at OT and it’s been suggested that Slater could transition over to guard in the NFL due to his short arms. Slater has excellent technique with his footwork and placement of his hands. Slater could get selected in the top 20 in the 2021 NFL draft and stay at tackle, but he has options.
  2. Wyatt Davis (Ohio State)-6’4/315: Davis is extremely athletic and moves more like a tight end on the field. Davis is already a well above blocker in both the run and pass, but needs to stay under control as he often plays too aggressively and doesn’t maintain his composure. Davis should hear his name at the backend of the 1st round in the 2021 NFL draft.
  3. Alijah Vera-Tucker (USC)-6’4/305: Vera-Tucker is a mauler in the running game and has played both the OT and Guard position at USC, but many scouts view him as a Guard in the NFL. Vera-Tucker could be selected early on Day 2 of the 2021 NFL draft.
  4. Trey Smith (Tennessee)-6’6/330: Smith is a dominant run blocker and is extremely powerful at the point of attack. Smith had issues with blood clots in his lungs back in 2018, but has been able to put that behind him and two straight productive seasons. Smith could be selected mid-way through Day 2 of the draft.
  5. Jackson Carman (Clemson)-6’5/345: Carman’s power in the running is evident, however; he has limitation against quick edge rusher; which has prompted a possible switch to Guard in the NFL. If so, Carman would be more than likely selected on Day 2 in the 2021 NFL draft.
  6. Ben Cleveland (Georgia)-6’6/340: Cleveland has a solid base and is a strong run blocker as he utilizes his good instincts. As a pass protector, Cleveland should hear his name possibly late on Day 2 or early on Day 3.
  7. Marquis Hayes (Oklahoma)-6’4/330: Hayes has good size with a lot of power. Hayes is effective in the trenches, but is athletic enough to block in space. Look for Hayes to be a possible late Day 3 pick.  
  8. Deonte Brown (Alabama)-6’4/350: Brown is a mauler who does his best work in the trenches and between the tackles. Brown is light on his feet and does possess a solid base at the point of attack. The consensus is that Brown will be an early Day 3 pick in the draft.
  9. Tommy Kraemer (Notre Dame)-6’6/317: Kraemer is your typical blue collar lineman who does well in the trenches. Physically, Kraemer is NFL ready as he just needs to refine his game technique wise and he should be a serviceable lineman in the NFL. Look for Kraemer to be a late Day 3 pick.
  10. Jack Anderson (Texas Tech)-6’5/315: Anderson can play both the center and guard position; which will bold well for him during the draft. Anderson has a solid foundation and utilizes his leverage well on run blocking. Anderson should be a late Day 3 selection, but could go early on Day 3 with a solid Senior Bowl and combine.

 The Guard positions offer versatility as many of these prospects have and can play either the tackle or center position in a pinch if needed. This group has both power and agility that should carry them to the next level and be very productive linemen in the NFL. In my opinion, the Giants will strongly consider drafting a guard in the upcoming 2021 NFL draft.