By Michael Stewart/@TheTruthNYG

The Draft is less than a month away and we’ve already seen two big trades within the top 10 involving three teams: the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers.


  • Miami Dolphins: Traded their 3rd overall pick to San Francisco for the 12th pick, a 3rd round pick in 2021 and 1st round picks in 2022 and 2023.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Traded their 6th overall pick to Miami for their 12th overall pick and their 1st round pick in 2022.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Traded their 12th overall pick, a 3rd round pick and 1st round picks in 2022 and 2023 to Miami for their 3rd overall pick in 2021.

Could we see another trade in the top 10 before the draft?  It is possible that four teams currently in the top 10 could be active in either trading back or trading up and they are:

New York Jets (#2)

  • Could trade or keep Darnold/Pick Zach Wilson: Seems to be the most expected scenarios.
  • Could stay with Darnold and trade back: The less likely scenario at this point, but they do have a lot of needs.

Atlanta Falcons (#4)

  • Could look for franchise quarterback: Falcons could wait until they pick and choose between the best quarterback available on their board.
  • Could stay with Matt Ryan and trade back or pick BPA: The Falcons could decide to stay with Ryan and draft BPA or trade back for more picks.  

Carolina Panthers (#8)

  •  Could look to trade up for their next franchise quarterback: : The Panthers could be aggressive and trade up to the Jets or Falcons for a Quarterback.
  • Could stay and wait for the BPA: The Panthers could just wait it out and pick a Quarterback or BPA.

Denver Broncos (#9)

  • Could look to leap frog over several teams to get their franchise Quarterback: The Broncos could be the dark horse here and could look to replace quarterback Drew Lock.
  • Could look to stay at #9 and pick the BPA

So how do these trades and possibly future trades impact the Giants at #11? It could push positional prospects down the draft board if four or possibly five Quarterback’s are taken.

Who could be gone within the top 10?

  • Possibly 5 Quarterbacks.
  • Possibly 3  receivers
  • Possibly one Offensive Tackle
  • Possibly one or two defensive positional players cornerback and/or linebacker

Should the Giants trade back?

Depends on how the draft develops before they pick, but keep in mind Gettleman has never traded back in the 1st round. Perhaps Joe Judge might have more influence than we think.

Who could be sitting there at #11 for the Giants?

Many football experts are hinting; the top 3 prospects that could still be on the board are WR Jaylen Waddle, LB Micah Parsons or OL Rashawn Slater. Not a bad threesome to choose from, but a difficult decision nonetheless. If the Giants go with BPA it would be arguably between Jaylen Waddle or Micah Parsons, with Parsons possibly getting the edge as he does fill a need more than Waddle as well. However; if they go with need, it would be Rashawn Slater to fill the RG spot on the line. Tough decision to make as all three prospects can improve the team immensely.