By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The 2020 class of college tight ends offers some intriguing prospects who have the talent level to stick with an NFL team and possibly start. Although this year’s class may not be as deep as the tight end classes of year’s past; there’s still value. Here’s a look at my top 10 Tight End prospects for the 2020 NFL draft.

  1. Albert Okwuegbunam (Missouri) 6’5/265: Okwuegbunam is a big play tight end who can beat you on a short screen, a deep seam pass or take an end around down the sidelines. Okwuegbunam has a big catch radius and utilizes his height well in traffic and/or in the end zone.
  2. Brycen Hopkins (Purdue) 6’5/245: Hopkins is an interested tight end prospect as he is very athletic for his size with reliable hands and offers above average blocking skills. Hopkins does a great job finding open space and does well after the catch. Hopkins current ranking on my list could change as we get closer to season’s end.
  3. Jacob Breeland (Oregon) 6’5/240: Breeland could be viewed as a wide receiver at the NFL level as he excels more in open space and isn’t looked upon to block like a transitional tight end. Regardless; Breeland does offer value with his ability to get deep against smaller defenders and his ability to catch anything thrown to him. Breeland would benefit in the right system at the pro level.
  4. Hunter Bryant (Washington) 6’2/241: Bryant is a matchup nightmare in the passing game and a pure receiving tight end. Needs a lot work on his blocking, but in the right NFL system could flourish into a solid threat.  
  5. Cole Kmet (Notre Dame) 6’5/255: Kmet is moving up on my list as he played well, after returning for injuries. especially Kmet runs crisp routes and is a solid blocker. If Kmet can stay healthy, I believe he will definitely move up on his list by the bowl games.
  6. Colby Parkinson (Stanford) 6’7/240: Parkinson is not only tall, but he is extremely strong and creates mismatches anywhere on the field. Parkinson has a large catch radius and the ability to catch the ball in traffic.
  7. Harrison Bryant (Florida Atlantic) 6’4/240: Bryant may not be flashy or standout on the field, but he does the little things that helps his team win games. Bryant has reliable hands and finds a way to get open. Bryant is a serviceable blocker, but there’s always room for improvement.
  8. Jared Pinkney (Vanderbilt) 6’4/255: Pinkney is a big bodied tight end who can be a treat in the passing game or in the running game with his blocking skills. Pinkney is an excellent route runner and is hard to cover in the end zone.
  9. Mitchell Wilcox (South Florida) 6’5/245: Wilcox excels when playing in the slot and is able to get off the line freely. Wilcox is very similar to Jacob Breeland and would need to find the right NFL team that best fits his abilities.
  10. Adam Trautman (Dayton) 6’5/255: Trautman is equally effective as a receiver and as a blocker and could move up the draft board with a solid combine. Trautman runs clean routes and catches the ball well away from his body and in traffic. Playing at a small school against weaker competition could keep him hearing his name called on Days 1 & 2.

Final Thoughts: As I mentioned earlier, the tight end group isn’t as talented as the past tight- ends classes, but there is talent and we should see a good number of tight ends taken (15 possibly projected) in the 2020 NFL draft. Early projections indicate the majority of tight ends selected on day 3 (8) with only two taken within the first two rounds. The Giants could be in the market for a tight end and unless they are looking to trade Evan Engram, GM Dave Gettleman could look in free agency and the draft; especially on day 3.