By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: With their pick in the 7th round (#247) of the 2020 NFL draft the New York Giants selected their 2nd cornerback on day 3 with the selection of Chris Williamson out of Minnesota. Williamson is another slot corner who is more comfortable in zone coverage. Williamson is a aggressive tackler who needs to work on being more efficient as a tackler as well.

How does fit in the Giants system: The Giants weakest secondary position in 2019 was the slot cornerback position. Williamson and Holmes will compete with the likes of Curtis Haley and possibly Julian Love if the Giants decide to move him back to corner.

How does not fit in the Giants system: Williamson lacks man to man coverage skills and in new DC Patrick Graham’s system, often times the cornerbacks are asked to play man to man. Williamson will need to develop quickly as the competition at the cornerback position has just been increased.

Final Thoughts: GM Dave Gettleman drafted the cornerback position the most over the past two drafts with a total of 6 (Supplemental included). Now he hopes that a few of them can develop and give the Giants a solid group of young cornerbacks to roam the secondary for years to come.