By Michael Stewart/@golferbad

Introduction: The 2019 NFL draft is officially over and for Giant fans the outcome was not what we expected. In Day 3, Gettleman had 6 picks to help rebuild the Giants roster and he utilized all 6 drafted prospects who he believes will set the tone for the Giants 2019 season and beyond. Here’s a look at the prospect taken in round 6.

Round 6 (180) Corey Ballentine (CB) Washburn-5’11/195: When you’re picking in the later rounds such as the 6th round, you’re really looking for the best possible value here and Gettleman reached out and selected his third cornerback Corey Ballentine out of Washburn College.

Ballentine was a standout corner at Washburn and also specialized on special teams play as a kickoff return artist. Washburn has great speed (4.47) and good instincts for the ball. Below are some of the Pro’s and Con’s of Corey Ballentine.


  • Great speed (4.47) and sound tackler.
  • Very athletic with good explosiveness
  • Great playmaking skills.
  • Lethal on special teams/kick returns
  • Ball Hawk with good anticipation.


  • Played in Division II.
  • During the Senior Bowl, didn’t standout.
  • Has a low football IQ.
  • Often too aggressive and misread plays.
  • Relied too much on his speed and not his instincts.

Final Thoughts: Selecting a cornerback like Corey Ballentine who was projected to go somewhere in the late 4th round was an excellent pick for Gettleman who gives the Giants solid value here in the 6th round.

Ballentine will provide the Giants with much-needed depth at the cornerback position and also on special teams. Before the draft, cornerback was arguably the weakest position on the defensive side, but not anymore. GRADE B.