By Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

Giants vs. The Jags: Rant & Rave 2018

Yea, it’s back.   Welcome to the 2018 season kick-off, of “Rant & Rave”.  It’s my favorite Jeckly & Hyde moment of covering the New York Giants.  This is where I cover four or five topics in rapid fire.

Rant:  Everything I read, everything I hear and everything I see says, Evan Engram is a top-notch NFL Tight End.   I believe he is; however, now is “go time”.   Two Tight Ends hold a special place in New York Giants history: Mark Bavaro & Jeremy Shockey.   While Engram doesn’t have to be Bavaro or Shockey, it would be nice to see the kid lay some wood when moving up the field with the ball.

Rave:  Barkley comes as advertised.   He will exclusively put fans in the seats and make Sundays fun again.  Nothing more would please the New York Giants fans than to witness the rookie outshine Fournette with an 80 to 100-yard day and Touchdown.

Rant:   For the love of all that is holy can our kicker, Aldrick Rosas...just kick.   Not sure what goes on with this guys head on game day but it has not been pretty.  Hopefully, he has worked on those demons and now crushes pigskins between the uprights, hence his solid preseason.  Most noteworthy was in 2017 Rosas’ was 7 of 14 from 30 to 49 yards.  That flat out stinks.

Rave: “O” Knows.  OBJ is back and the world is right again.  Whether he flashes past the safety on the way to the end zone or a sideline grab for a much-needed 1st down…OBJ is back, paid and looking to make a statement.   O Knows how to make corners and safeties look bad.  We love it.  Do we expect an end zone dance week 1?

Rant: Gettleman and Shurmur have cleaned house, flipping this roster on its head.   We can only hope that they brought in some good backups, situational bodies, and GREAT special teams players.   Tomorrow is go time… let’s hope their gamble paid off. Jacksonville is a very good, disciplined, smash mouth team.

Rave:  Linebackers.  It has been a long time since the New York Giants had Linebackers and whatever you think of them doesn’t matter.  Why?   Because they are light years better than Keith Bullock, Keith Rivers, Devon Kennard, Unai Unga, Jacquian Williams, Carlos Emmons, Greg Jones, Kelvin Sheppard and dozens more.