Lawrence Taylor Talks Football and Praises JJ Watt

When Lawrence Taylor talks football, the world listens.

Not many people will deny that Lawrence Taylor revolutionized the game at the linebacker position.   He rushed the quarterback, played the run, dropped into coverage and did it a ferocity that has never been duplicated.  

Having watched his entire career, it was amazing to watch up close.  Sometimes it was like watching him run on the side of his feet as he turned the corner.  His ability to purely blow past the tackle, through the tackle and over a full back was something to see.  His backside pursuit of a running back has never been rivaled.

Sacks were not officially counted until 1982, discounting Taylor of 9.5 his rookie year.  He is currently 13th all time; and if the NFL counted his 9.5 sacks as a rookie in 1981, he would be tied with fellow Hall of Famer and former New York Giant, Michael Strahan at 141.5 career sacks.

Taylor recently praised JJ Watt as one of the best he has ever seen play the game.  

“In front of me I see guys like Reggie White and Deacon Jones,” Taylor said.  “Do I put J.J. in front of me? No, but the guy is a phenomenal player. He can go down as one of the best players to ever play his position. . . . Every time I watch film on him or I see a game he’s playing in, the first thing that comes to my mind is this guy can go all day.  

Watt has tied Taylor with two NFL Defensive Player of the Year Awards.  While Watt may have accomplished that in 5 years, Taylor still sits at the top of the “best ever” with his NFL MVP Award and a Super Bowl Championship.  As amazing as that is…Taylor had some help in both categories with all world players like Harry Carson and Super Bowl MVP, Phil Simms

“That J.J. Watt is a bad SOB,” Taylor said.  “He’s going to get it a couple of more times. (NFL Defensive Player of the Year).  I think he’s one of these guys that only comes around once every 20 to 30 years.”

Taylor explained why his peers don’t watch the game anymore.  “One of the reasons I guess a lot of the guys that played in my era don’t watch football anymore is simply because it’s like what we could have done and what we could have made, and it hurts a little bit. . . . If I played now, it would be ‘Taylor and Giants Stadium.’ They would have to give me part-ownership.”

When you think about all world defensive players, it’s an honor to have watched two in the last 35 years  (LT & Strahan).  Two players that changed the face of the New York Giants Defense.  One can only hope that Jerry Reese can realize, linebackers and defensive ends can change the game.