Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham threw a bunch…who cares!

Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham was fined $9k by the leagues office for throwing a punch on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. He is fighting that fine. Also, the Bills defensive backs have gone out of their way to discredit Beckham.

I ask you to send this brief analysis to as many people as you can for the 10,000 foot view of today’s NFL and world these players live in.

For starters, Beckham was wrong, but let’s get real…emotions run hot, players react to the opposition all the time at every position.  Anyone remember Brett Favre and Sapp knocking helmet to helmet?

This situation is being blown up because in 2015/2015, Odell Bechkam is everywhere.  It’s easy to take shots at the guy who’s on top and I’m sure every corner back and safety in the NFL is sick of hearing about him.

Secondly, no receiver wants to get man handled, mugged, or be on the receiving end of a cheap shot.  This isn’t anything new.  You don’t think defensive backs across the league were looking forward to taking a shot at Terrell Owens or sick of hearing that Jerry Rice was the Greatest Of All Time!  Or that Calvin Johnson should be called, “Megatron”.

Beckham is in New York…the biggest fishbowl in the country.   As long OBJ surrounds himself with good people, No. 13 is going to compete at a very high level despite what corner backs from Buffalo think.

The catch against Dallas made him a house hold name.  Even Lebron James made his opinion public, via Twitter.

“Man I just witnessed the greatest catch ever possibly by Odell Beckham Jr! WOW!!!!”

However, he is most polished receiver the Giants have had at this young age (22).  His numbers in 12 games speaks for itself.

12 91 132 1,305 14.3 80

The one-handed catch is what the average fan wants to see.  Eight year old boys around the country are trying to emulate the greatest catch of all time.  Whether its fact or fiction does not matter.   It’s like debating Jim Brown or Walter Payton.

Finally, real football fans know the numbers speak for themselves.   He delivered hope to a miserable Giants Offense in 2014, especially when Giants fan favorite, Victor Cruz was injured.  The other point to highlight is the trust he earned with his quarterback.  Eli saw what type of player he could become and delivered the ball, again and again.  You don’t win Rookie of the Year because of one catch.

If you want to blame someone for his over exposure…blame every news outlet in the country for playing his highlights NON STOP!

The NFL thrives on personalities.   There was a time I couldn’t watch another Aaron Rodgers “Double Check” commercial.  They were everywhere.   JJ Watt is pumping out cell phone and sandwich commercials weekly and everything that is deemed strong or challenging needs…”Beast Mode”.

Beckham is not the first receiver to throw a punch, get fined or piss off a bunch of defensive backs.   Maybe the press should be interviewing Rice, Owens, Irving, Sharpe, and Moss so everyone can move on.  It’s football.