by Craig J. Santucci @ NYGiantsRush

The worst kinda football to play is undisciplined football. Undisciplined football leads to mistakes, penalties, and lots of losing. It’s also painful to watch.

The New York Giants can’t tackle.

It does not matter if the Giants play a hybrid 3/4 | 4/3 because they can’t tackle. I do not like the 3/4 defense since the NFL lost the ability to coach, mentor and develop great outside linebackers.

Learn from the Best:

Five years ago the Seattle Seahawks put out a video that the NFL supported showing “how to tackle” called Seahawks Tackling. Those defenders had great form and results, enough to warrant a nickname like the “Legion of Boom”. Young or old, experienced or inexperienced, there is no excuse for bad tackling or the lack of tackling.

The Giants defense clearly isn’t ready for primetime as the pre-season swagger shrunk in the Dallas heat. The most talented players of this New York Giants defense were “no shows”, that included Zo Carter, Dexter Lawrence, BJ Hill, and Alex Ogletree.

The rookies that were on the field were flopping, swatting, diving and taking exceptionally bad angles to every Dallas ball carrier. Highlighted by cornerback, DeAndre Baker. The lack of speed and physicality around the ball carrier was astonishingly bad and alarming.

The NFL needs to stop treating these guys like recording artists and movie stars and teach them how to play football at this level. Starting with the fundamentals of tackling. If it’s good for Seattle…it’s good for the New York Giants.

Why is Love Buried?

Antonio Hamilton was overmatched at every level. It was painful to watch. Rookie Julian Love was a Notre Dame cornerback, a Thorpe Award finalist and Bettcher has him buried on the depth chart at safety? Why? Love is not a physical player and should not be converted to safety. With Beal out…again, why not let Love plays his natural position. If not Love, Ballentine.

What do the coaches see in Hamiton? His fundamentals were off the chart bad.

Hot Seat: Bettcher

Shurmur and Shula continue to suck at the Offensive game plan, like clockwork. Bettcher needs a wake-up call. His players don’t tackle. It’s this simple…if you can’t tackle, press cover or look back from the ball…you sit.

Did Bettcher have a say when they let Okwara, Kennard, and now Jenkins walk out the door? They could tackle.

His system doesn’t work or his players aren’t buying in and why is Kareem Martin even here? Bettcher has a reputation as an aggressive coach. I do not see it. This looks like swarming to the ball, no stunts, no corner blitzes, and CONTINUED bad safety play.

Bettcher should teach his players to tackle or finding a new job.