NY Giants Rush: The Last Game of the Season

So this is it…the last game of season.  There seems to be a sense of sorrow hanging over the team that stems from “missed opportunity”.

One can only hope that the Giants come out and wax the Philadelphia Eagles to showcase their pride and support of Tom Coughlin.  No one really knows what will happen tomorrow during the gane, after the game and/or Monday morning; however, it is very true were there is smoke there is fire and this could most likely be Tom Coughlin’s last game as head coach of the New York Giants.

Most times it was easy to see that Coughlin’s loyalty and stubbornness was his down fall and yet almost every time he fell down, he rebounded in true Coughlin fashion with a solution.

  1. Tiki fumbling problem fixed – went on to become all team leading Giants rusher
  2. Strahan strained relationship – mended ways & loosened regions and showing vets he was a regular guy behind the football focus.
  3. Created players council and connected with players through trust and delegation
  4. Realized the team needed Spagnuolo back in Giants blue to rebuild defense.
  5. Despite extreme loyalty, brought in new OC (McAdoo) to take Eli to next level.

But what now?   Start over?  The fans all agree that change is needed but at what cost. Spags and McAdoo are needed and Tom does not have the talent to win.   I will even go out and say that Jerry Reese defied the Mara dictate of “Playoff or bust” and delivered Coughlin junk to work with.

Make Spags the assistance “Head of Coach” for 2016 and he takes over full time in 2017.