NY Giants Lose to the Saints: Top 10 Things We Learned

The NY Giants put on a show yesterday.  Sadly, they came out on the wrong side of the scoreboard and interestingly enough, the fans learned a lot yesterday about this team.

1 – Against a bad defense, Eli Manning and Ben McAdoo can tattoo a team

2 –  A hand full of offensive players can compete at a high level – Manning, Beckham, Harris, & Vereen

3 – Will Tye is doing everything he can to contribute to the NY Giants

4 – Geoff Schwartz is not the player we thought he would be

5 – Ben McAdoo needs to stop rotating 4 backs & running up the gut on the goal line

6 – Prince Amukamara is gravely missed and needs to be resigned

7 – Steve Spagnuolo has nothing to work with from an NFL talent perspective

8 – The Giants pass rush is the worst it has been since the 1970’s

9 – How is possible that Stevie Brown, Antrel Rolle and Jameel McClain couldn’t have helped this team 

10 – Jerry Reese has failed!


With that said…I would like to highlight another “roughing the passer” penalty from Demontre Moore, continued lack of effort in the passing game from Jayron Hosley and how each and every week the tight end of the opposing team is granted access to the special powers of invisibility.