by Craig J. Santucci @NYGiantsRush

In 2016, the New York Giants drafted BJ Goodson in the 4th round from Clemson University. Goodson was known as a “downhill” Linebacker that would be a “thumper” in the run game.

Rookie Year:

This was good news for the Giants. Antonio Pierce was the last linebacker that made a difference. However, Goodson’s 2016 rookie season consisted of special teams play and a concussion in December. The following year (2017) the fans had high hopes as Goodson was tabbed the starter.

Break Out Game:

And he did not disappoint on opening day against Dallas (of course). Goodson had 14 solo tackles and 4 assists. Eighteen tackles! This is just about unheard of in today’s NFL. While the Giants lost 3-19, there was a bright spot on defense. Fans thought they found a middle linebacker of the future.

In true Giants fashion…it was too good to be true. Goodson missed nine games in 2017 as the injury bug sidelined the linebackers progress with hamstring, ankle and hand injuries. When he was on the field he played well. Did his play jump off the screen? No, it did not, but a solid performance all the way around.

A New Season:

The 2018 season was the year Goodson was going to take off and solidify the position and yet, he never got going. He was averaging 2.5 tackles a game over the first 8 games and suffered a neck injury in late November 2018. While he finished stong averaging 6 tackles a game over the last three games of 2018, one has to wonder where did the player go that had eighteen tackles in one game…just a year ago.

Goodson is on the bubble in 2019. He has a long history of injuries, and sadly, he may not be able to stay healthy at the NFL level. The linebacker maybe cut on August 31st.