Should The Giants Re-Sign Prince Amukamara?

By Michael Stewart

Prince Amukamara was the Giants 1st round selection (19th overall) in the NFL 2011 draft. At that time, many believed that Reese had just committed highway robbery as Amukamara was projected to go in the top 10. Entering his 5th and final season of his rookie contract, Prince only has 6 interceptions to show for it; not to mention a season cut short in 2014 due to injuries.

So does 49 games with only 6 interceptions justify Prince Amukamara to be paid in the top 10 among cornerbacks in the NFL? What do you think? Before you answer, allow me to provide you with additional information to either support and not support my question.


  • Only 26 years old, Prince is entering his prime years and has played well in 2015
  • The only true cover man on the Giants roster and often covers the best WR on opposing teams
  • Very athletic and combines size and speed at the CB position


  • Only has 6 career interceptions over 49 games in the NFL
  • Ranks 40th in the league in 2015 with only 1 interception
  • Has been vulnerable to the injury bug during his early career


Final Thoughts: These are only a few examples that support and/or not support the claim that Amukamara is worth a top 10 contract by the Giants.  Amukamara currently makes $1, 871.380 in 2015. The top CB currently is Darrelle Revis, who contract is worth a little more than $70M, followed by Patrick Peterson $70M) and Richard Sherman ($56M).

Those big numbers to swallow, so where does  Amukamara fit in. Clearly not with those three names mentioned, however;  would the Giants give Prince a raise equal to someone like Antonio Cromartie ($32M) or perhaps Jimmy Smith ($41M).

Of course a lot has to do with the Giants cap space in 2016. Currently; it would be hard to gauge the numbers as certain players could be released or not. Anyway, the Giants will have a very big decision to make on whether to re-sign Prince, place the franchise tag on him or let him walk.