Backup QB Saga: What to do with Ryan Nassib?

by Tom Peticca (@peticca95)

When the Giants traded up to draft Ryan Nassib in the fourth round of the 2013 draft many thought he would be in line for the quarterback position one day. However, three years later and Eli Manning is continuing to play at a high level which makes it seem that Nassib wont get his shot as QB in New York.

So what should the Giants do with their backup quarterback?

Ideally I would trade him if I were Jerry Reese. Send him to a team who has a major question mark at quarterback and hope for a late round pick in return. While Nassib has only played in regular season blowout games, he has played well in those appearances. Couple that with sitting under one of the more consistent and accomplished quarterbacks in the league and Nassib can be a low risk high reward quarterback for a team that needs one.

It’s no secret that the Giants want to build through the draft this year and every pick they can get matters. If they can swap Nassib for a pick it can help get younger players in the door.

This deal helps both sides, Nassib will only be a career backup with the Giants. With a different squad Nassib can get a chance to get playing time and show what he has learned in his first few years in the league. His talent is there, some had Nassib as a potential first round pick in 2013 but he wound up dropping to the Giants.

If the Giants could ship Nassib off and get a draft pick before he walks in free agency it would help the rebuilding process and give a young player a chance on another team.