One player fighting for a spot on the Giants roster is rookie running back Michael Cox.   While camp has not revealed too much with the lack of pads and hitting, we do know that the 7th round draft pick has every opportunity to make this team; however, it not going to be easy.

The 6-foot-2, 220 pound seventh-round pick has been impressing observers at camp, utilizing his size and moving well with the ball.

While this may be a good sign for the Giants, it puts competitors Da’Rel Scott and Ryan Torain at risk, who are also fighting for the third spot behind starters David Wilson and Andre Brown.  Torain is already a seasoned running back who knows what it takes to be successful in the league; however if Cox is to make this team it might be Scott’s expense.

Despite his unproductive college career at Michigan, Cox went on to prove himself as a productive downhill runner at UMASS while studying for his graduate degree in education.  By showing that he can be an asset in the kick return game, Cox could become the answer in removing David Wilson from kick return duty.

This just goes to show, at least in my opinion, that where you position in the draft is irrelevant.  We look at guys like Ahmad Bradshaw, Marques Colston, Donald Driver, all drafted in the seventh round, all very successful in the league.

Needless to say, if Cox continues to make a strong impression at camp, I look forward to seeing his name on the roster.

May the best back win.

 – Danielle Vollono | Featured Columnist


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