The draft is over and the buzz around the Giants draft is less than stellar; however that all depends on who you ask.  Today’s athletes have the best training, the best coaching, the best facilities and the best over all chance to take their abilities to the next level.

So everyone expects them to be perfect…at least “on the field”.   The average fan is hearing and reading the following:

Rounds 1. An Offensive Tackle whose arms maybe to short to stone a star defensive end

Round 2. A Defensive Tackle who looks gassed half way through game and needs to watch his weight

Round 3. A Defensive End who only benched 225 12x and ran a 4.95 at the combine

Round 4. A quarterback.  Yes, I said a quarterback = wasted pick

Round 5. A safety with a heart condition

Round 6. An Offensive lineman who is very strong but played against average competition

Round 7. A running back.   Yes I said a running back.  He is now the 5th running back on the depth chart.

The overall grade is somewhere around a C+.  But lets take a closer look what the New York Giants got.

Pull Back the Curtain:

Justin Pugh(Syracuse) – Pugh can play.   NFL Network Draft analysis and former New York Giant, Mike Mayock rated Pugh as his 5th best tackle in the draft.   He looks great on tape and Jerry Reese states regardless of the short arms, he makes every block.  That’s pretty good-by most standards and that he knew Tom Coughlin was an Syracuse alumni can only help his chances.

Kidding aside, Pugh had great instruction at Syracuse playing for coach Doug Marrone, who is now the new Buffalo Bills head coach.  Marrone played offensive line for the Dolphins and the Saints.  I am confident some good habits rubbed off on his pupil.

Johnathan Hankins(Ohio State)-  Something about this statement has me charged up about the NY Giants 2nd round pick Johnathan Hankins out of Ohio State.  “Hankins can tear through blocks like paper”.  Yes, his weight must be monitored; however, the Giants might finally have someone good enough to demand some attention, setting the linebackers free to run and make plays.  While he is not a sack threat, he should specialize in causing havoc up front.

Damontre Moore(Texas A&M) – The combine can bury a player and Damonte Moore found out the hard way.  Yes, his combine numbers were bad; however, this player can be coached up.   Presently, he is Osi Umenyiora light.  A pass rusher only, plain and simple.   He needs to add strength and speed.

He will never survive with 5.0 flat speed as an edge rusher.  Good tackles will have their paws in him immediately and with a weak upper body he poses no threat.  However, with Tuck and Kiwi getting older…this could be a steal if Moore puts the time in.

Cooper Taylor(Richmond)  – An interesting pick.  He transferred to Richmond  from Georgia Tech where he had a great freshman season but two injury plagued seasons after.   He is considered a safety by the numbers; however with a few extra pounds of muscle Cooper Taylor(6’4″ 228) could play weak side linebacker.

Jerry Reese, the Giants General Manager already stated that Taylor could be used in a third safety set and contribute on special team right away.

Eric Herman(Ohio) – The big nasty  O lineman has had the accomplishment of having blocked for an offensive that averaged 203 yards rushing a game.  Not many guys can say that.  His strength is his biggest asset, where he benched 225 39x at the combine.  There are 6 non-starting guards on the New York Giants roster…all players have under 2 years of experience.

Jerry Reese called Herman a brawler.  The Giants could use some nastiness upfront.

Michael Cox(UMass) – Cox will have a tough time making the team and I do not quite understand why he was drafted when linebackers and corners are still a void waiting to be filled.  However, Cox could mean the end of Ryan Torrain’s short-term stint with the Giants.  The UMass product is known to have great hands and is an exceptional blocker.

While Wilson and Brown can handle the speed and power, Cox could become exactly what the Giants need to pick up blocks and play special teams.

Ryan Nassib: For more on quarterback, Ryan Nassib check out Lou Musto’s article.  Lou cover’s it perfectly. Enough said!


 Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor Giants Rush


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