Interview with Giants Draft Prospect: Harlan Miller

At 6 feet and 180 pounds, Southeastern Louisiana corner back Harlan Miller was a relatively unknown small school commodity despite a productive collegiate career. Miller elevated himself during the Senior Bowl week of practice and subsequent January 30th game with a stellar performance where he led the South team with seven solo tackles.

Now firmly on NFL scouts’ radars, Miller looks ahead to further solidify his status as one of the draft’s top defensive backs including the New York Giants.  I had the pleasure of catching up with Miller as he awaits the fast approaching Draft night.

NYGR: (Aylmer) You totaled 11 picks in your college career while also making a reputation as a tenacious tackler, how would you describe your style of play?

(Miller) My style of play is just knowing what to do at all times, playing fast, and really working with my teammates to know what they’re doing. Just doing what’s right at the right time.

NYGR: (Aylmer) Your speed and tendency to be over aggressive has come up as a concern from scouts about your game. How do you respond to those critiques?

(Miller) I can just show them my ability and my ability to do so at a high level. Man, there’s going to be a lot of critics out there, but you just got to go out and prove those critics wrong.

NYGR: (Aylmer) Do you have any NFL role models you have modeled your game after?

(Miller) Richard Sherman is my favorite corner in the NFL so I try to do the things that he does. Some of the things that I do I think are comparable to the way that he would do it. You know, the way that he prepares for the game and even him being able to come up and make those tackles. That was a question going into the Senior Bowl; you know it was “can I tackle?” And I think I proved that I am very good and can make those tackles at the Senior Bowl.

NYGR: (Aylmer) The New York Giants sent cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the Pro Bowl this season. What could you learn as a rookie from a player of his caliber?

(Miller) Whatever he’s willing to teach me. I’m always open to new things and trying new things to help my career out. I mean, like you said, being a Pro Bowl player I’m pretty sure he can help me in some areas that I need help in. Whether it’s my overall technique or how to prepare for a game and things like that.

NYGR: (Aylmer) How excited would you be to face-off against a top-tier quarterback and wide receiver combo like Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. in training camp?

(Miller) Oh wow! (laughs) I mean those guys are a tremendous duo in the NFL, like you said. I mean having a top receiver and a top quarterback, those guys will help me prepare each and every day to play against the other top receivers and quarterbacks in NFL. I’m pretty sure I can learn some pretty good tips from those guys.

NYGR: (Aylmer) What would you bring to a NFL organization off the field?

(Miller) I’m very good in the community. I’m willing to help in community events, charity events, going to see children in the hospital who want to meet an NFL player, and things like that.

NYGR: (Aylmer) The transition from a small school to the big lights of the NFL can be over whelming for some players. How will you deal with the increased media attention at the professional level?

(Miller) I mean just answering all the questions with the most honest answers possible. That’s what the NFL looks for. They need someone who they can trust and I will answer all of those questions to the best of my abilities.

NYGR: (Aylmer) Thanks so much, man. Best of luck to you at your Pro Day and in the upcoming draft, really hope you end up in New York.

(Miller) Alright, thank you.

by Jack Aylmer | Special Contributor