Should the Giants trade back in the 1st Round?

By Michael Stewart

Should or would GM Jerry Reese make a bold move to move back in the 1st round for additional picks? The Giants only have 6 picks in this year’s draft and they need to fill a lot of holes on both sides of the ball. With that being said; would it make sense for Jerry Reese to be so bold and trade back? Before we answer that question, one must understand that in order to make a trade like this; we would need a willing trading partner.

Looking at the teams who are selecting behind the Giants between picks 14-20 are the Raiders, Titans, Lions, Falcons, Colts, Bills and the Jets. I only suggested these 7 teams because moving further back in the 1st round could backfire. In many mock drafts, the experts have the Giants selecting Ezekiel Elliott, RB out of Ohio State.

Elliott is a very talented player and would be an asset to any team. However; should he be available, would it be the best move to draft him and keep him or look to move him for additional picks? The Giants have 5 RB’s currently on their roster and although they will most likely never make a Pro Bowl; GM Reese feels collectively, they are productive enough to not look for a RB in the draft. Of course, this could be a smoke screen by Reese which many GM’s employ before the draft. Regardless; let’s assume Reese is being sincere and the Giants are not looking to draft a RB in the 1st round.

Out of the 7 teams I’ve selected; I will only create two scenarios of trades that could benefit both teams. The Raiders and the Colts will be my two trading partners in these scenarios as both would benefit from having a RB like Elliott.

Raiders (14th overall in the 1st round):  The Raiders have a few young offensive players in QB Derek Carr and WR’s Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. Adding a RB such as Elliott would give the Raiders a balanced offensive attack and also add depth to their running game as last year’s starter Latavius Murray would be his backup.

Now would the Raiders be willing to surrender their first round (14th overall) and their trading with the Giants for the rights of Elliott for their 1st (#14), 3rd (75th) and 4th (114th); which would give the 2 additional picks in the draft for the Giants. With the 14th pick the Giants could have available in the 1st rounds players like OT Jack Conklin, OLB Leonard Floyd, DE Shaq Lawson, MLB Reggie Ragland and possibly WR Laquon Treadwell. With two picks in the 3rd round, the Giants could draft a RB such as Kenneth Dixon, or take a flier on OLB Jaylon Smith with that extra pick. In round 4, the Giants could address many position needs such as CB, RB, OL, WR with players like RB C. J Prosise, WR Paul McRoberts, OG Sebastian Tertola or CB Daryl Worley.

Colts (18th overall in the 1st round): The Colts have been searching for a RB to give QB Andrew Luck another weapon. Trading up or trading with Giants for Elliott would give them that added addition that would give them a lethal arsenal. Would the Colts be willing to surrender their 1st (18th overall) their 2nd (48th) and their 5th (155th).

With the added picks in both the 2nd and 5th round the Giants could add depth with players like: RB Derrick Henry, OLB Kamaiei Correa, DT Kenny Clark, WR Michael Thomas, OT Jason Spriggs in the 2nd. In the 5th round, players like OLB Deion Jones, WR Keyarris Garrett, FS DeAndre Houston-Carson, OT Tyler Marz and RB Alex Collins.

Final Thoughts: I am not lobbying that the Giants should trade back in the 1st round; I’m suggested that would it make sense or not. The Giants have a lot of holes to fill and would it be worth it to trade Elliott if he should be available at 10? This will be one of many decisions that Reese and his advisors will need to consider in the war room on draft day. Admittedly, this would be a very difficult decision to make as it could backfire in many ways; Elliott could become an instant weapon in the NFL as he has been compared to RB greats such as Ladainian Tomlinson and Edgerrin James. Or perhaps the players they are targeting will not be available once they trade back. A lot can happen in a blink of an eye, so with all information given; what would you do!

Trade back or keep the pick?