Odell Bechkam Jr. was drafted by the New York Giants with the 12th over all pick in the NFL draft.   He comes from a college football powerhouse in the Louisiana State University(LSU); however since 2004 the NFL has only drafted 24 LSU offensive players.

Over 10 years, 70 rounds and roughly 2240 college players drafted only 24 were offensive players and 10 of those players were wide receivers.  You be the judge…is this program producing top-notch NFL offensive players?  

Did the Giants reach for this pick when the could have drafted a much-needed Offensive Tackle or Tight End. 

Surely, Odell Beckham Jr. can play and will contribute to the 2014 New York Giants, but did Jerry Reese and Giants brass reach here?  Was the plan to take Beckham only to steal him away from the Philadelphia Eagles who sorely needed a top end receiver.

Zach Martin(OT/OG) and Jace Amaro(TE) would have made this team instantly better due to the fact there was very little in their way from starting day 1.  

Beckham has to fight his way for playing time with Cruz, Manningham, Randle, Jernigan, Talley and every other free agent that can catch the rock all while learning the playbook. 

The Giants have had some recent success with former LSU tiger, Reuben Randle.  Randle is a streaky player with a big upside now that he slides into a more predominant role with Hakeem Nicks leaving via free agency.

List of LSU Offensive Players:

  1. Odell Beckham – WR(Giants)
  2. Jermey Hill – RB(Bengals)
  3. Jarvis Landy – WR(Dolphins)
  4. Trai Turner – OG(Panthers)
  5.  Zack Mettenberg – QB(Titans)
  6. Alfred Blue – RB(Texans)
  7. James Wright – WR(Bengals)
  8. Spencer Ware – RB(Seahawks)
  9. Rueben Randle – WR(Giants)
  10. Stevan Ridley – RB(Patriots)
  11. Joseph Barksdale – OT(Raiders)
  12. Brandon Lafell – WR(Panthers)
  13. Charles Scott – RB(Eagles)
  14. Quinn Johnson – FB(Packers)
  15. Herman Johnson – OG(Cardinals)
  16. Demetrius Bryd – WR(Chargers)
  17. JaMarcus Russell – QB(Raiders)
  18. Dwayne Bowe – WR(Chiefs)
  19. Craig Davis – WR(Chargers)
  20. Joseph Adai – RB(Colts)
  21. Michael Clayton – WR(Bucs)
  22. Devery Henderson -WR(Saints)
  23. Stephen Peterman – OG(Cowboys)
  24. Matt Mauck – QB(Broncos)

Craig J Santucci | Managing Editor @CraigSantucci