Draft Show Guest List: On Air Times

These are the temporary & flexible time slots for your appearance on The Giants Guys Podcast. We will be “LIVE” on Twitter and YouTube. We will try to keep on schedule, so please do not be upset when we have to move to another guest. We still love you.

If you decide to come in early…you can hang out backstage and still enjoy the madness…that is our show.

If you miss your time slot…don’t worry, we will get you on. Promise. Send me a DM if you are getting ignored for some reason. If you have a microphone use it. If you can’t make it…find a follower to plug’in or don’t sweat it.

Some of you will be on before, during, and after the pick! Have some fun with it. Please tell your friends and please subscribe to the YouTube channel (The Giants Guys). It helps us out tremendously. We are aiming for 1000 YouTube subscribers. We have 600.

DM your email for the LINK

Night 1 – Thursday (7p-9p)

Host: Craig, Zain & Tommy G

8:00 @BobEJ86 (Bob)
8:05 @Dbehan (Danny)
8:10 @CBMUchamp (Eric)
8:20 @WilliamJamerson
8:25 @charlie_rogalia
8:30 @peterthebeast3
8:35 @hortBen
8:40 Paul from Bahama’s
8:45 @Coollanehero
8:50 @nygmason
8:55 @careym74 (Catheryn)
9:00 @grund_christian
9:05 @bigGiantsfan74 (George)
9:10 @katelynBrower_
9:15 – TBD
9:20 – TBD
9:25 – TBD
9:30 – TBD

Night 2 – Friday (7p-9p)

Hosts: Spartan Mike, Truth, Chris Nails

7:15 @lawWill60 (Will)
7:20 @j2darock (Adam)
7:25 @willpresti (Will)
7:30 @shawnrbowers37 (Shawn)
7:35 @joej_clark (Joe)
7:40 @markBAthompason (Mark)
7:45 @shane_baldwin91 (Shane)
7:50 @bestballNFL (Tod)
8:05 @tuckahoetommy (Thomas)
8:10 @neilbelieves (Neil)
8:15 @joefacebecker2 (Joe)
8:20 @cgf_nfl (John)
8:25 @wessiewesticles (Wes)
8:30 @ucfdk (Dan)
8:35 Breaking Tackles (Ant)
8:45 – TBD
8:50 – TBD
8:55 – TBD