The Short List: Who do the NY Giants draft?

Tonight is the start of the 2016 NFL draft.  The biggest debate in pro sports comes to end.

While the “good pick” or “bad pick” will continue to September and beyond, the endless speculation will end tonight.  I do not remember a year more heated, more passionate and more debated than this year.   It shows when your team has been mediocre, leaning toward bad…the fans draw the line in the sand and demand more.

The last time I remember this type of scrutiny over who the New York Giants should take would be 2004.  That’s when a New York Giants team was looking for an identity after falling to 4 & 12 in 2003.  Three years prior that, a Jim Fassel team got blasted in the Super Bowl.   In 2004 it was Gallery, Rivers, Manning, S. Taylor or Roethlisberger

2016 NFL Draft: The short list

Ezekiel Elliott – Instantly becomes the starter.  Easy E is an incredible athlete that instantly puts the Giants offense at the top of the list for fire power in the NFL.   He can block, he has great field vision and already hinted he likes Big Blue.  The debate is…is Zeke in the Adrian Peterson conversation and is he too close of a player to Shane Vereen.   He makes two current backs expendable. ie: Jennings and ?

Leonard Floyd – Big body, clean, no baggage…but plays outside linebacker. The 6″6 240 backer is riding the wave of pass rushers.  The debate is…do the Giants need an outside linebacker who is already 24 years old and is he worth drafting at No. 10.  He did not show alot at Georgia, but he can be molded.  He will be considered “old” by the end of his 1st contract.

Shaq LawsonOutside of Bosa, Lawson gets the most press for quality edge rusher.  The new defense installed at Clemson propelled him to the ACC Defensive Player of the Year after recording 9.5 sacks and an FBS-best 22 tackles for a loss.   The debate is…will he be able to make an impact at the next level and do the Giants see him as the heir apparent to JPP is he does not resign.

Jack Conklin – This kid has come along way from being a walk on at Michigan State.  Jim Bollman, the offensive coordinator for Michigan State believes Conklin is better than his former player Flozell Adams who played 11 years for the Cowboys.  The debate…he’s big and nasty, but can he play left tackle in the NFL?  The Giants don’t necessarily need a left tackle, with Ereck Flowers penciled in there.  Do you draft a right tackle at No. 10 or does his impressive lateral movement and combine performance move Flowers over?

Vernon HargreavesClearly the 2nd best player on the board at cornerback.  Major playmaker at the position and just for fun… a reunion for him and OBJ.   They played against each other in 2013. The debate is…will he still be on the board at No. 10 and do you draft a guy that high for him to play Nickel or slot corner.   The Giants do run Nickel defense on a regular basis.  While his 40 times were not great..the bigger question is where he fits.  DRC and Jenkins are both signed for the next 4 years.