The Giants should not draft a DT with the 10th pick

Most people love the off season.  I hate the off season. 


Because I have to listen, watch and read projections who the Giants will draft.   I love the break down of the players, I love the combine.  I especially like Mike Mayock giving us his top 5 players per position. He may talk alot…but he’s a smart guy who played the game.

What I hate is before the Super Bowl even kicks off…some guy who gets paid a lot tells us who the Giants “should” or “most likely” will draft.  

Lets face some facts.    The ball started rolling in the wrong direction when Reese let Antrel Rolle and his leadership walk.  Regardless of age, he never missed a game, lead the team in tackles 3 out 4 years and was a great locker room presence.  Steve Spagnuolo could have used a captain on the field.  

Then followed a dismissal Free Agent acquisition period, top off by the JPP injury.   They Giants brass did not bring in an “accomplished” pass rusher because they thought after paying JPP he would showcase why he deserved that stellar contract. 

Those three situations that transpired between March 15th and July 4th basically created a crater on the defensive side of the ball that just was not going to get fixed.  The team had slowly been depleted of talent over the years due to ineffective drafts and the ignoring of Free Agent needs.  There needs to be balance. 

Lets also highlight that the Giants also had no idea that DeMontre Moore was a complete knuckle head and would never develop into a star player. So don’t tell me the Giants need a Defensive Tackle.  A defensive tackle would great, but Barry Cofield (4th rd.), Linval Joseph (2nd rd.) and Jonathan Hankins (2nd rd.) were not drafted in the 1st round. 

The New York Giants need a pass rush, to help the corner backs cover.   A pass rush won the Giants two Super Bowls in recent years.   Draft a defensive end.  Damn, I hate the off season.

By Shane Sharkey – rock star