On Sunday, Giants fans everywhere finally got a glimpse into what the future may hold for rookie running back David Wilson, as he gashed the Saints for over 300 total yards, and three scores.

Throughout the year, Wilson has been up and down, fumbling away the few chances he got on the field, but Sunday afternoon was different. For the first time Wilson became the clear backup to Ahmad Bradshaw, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

With Bradshaw’s injuries accumulating throughout the year, and emerging star Andre Brown out for the season, Wilson racked up 100 yards on the ground, and showed the world just what he is capable of.

Wilson is that change of pace back the Giants have been searching for.

Over the past few seasons, the Giants have been a power running team, never full of flash or pizzazz. Speed was never the gameplan when grinding opponents down late in games, but all that is about to change now that Wilson has stepped up and proven himself on a big stage.

True, the Saints defense is laughable, and have never been known as a defensive powerhouse, but the numbers Wilson accumulated are staggering.  Perhaps the biggest impact Wilson has made has been on special teams, where he’s racked up over 1,300 yards already.

If the Giants can figure out a way to harness the explosive speed Wilson brings on a weekly basis, it would give the Giants a whole new dimension, to an already impressive offense.   With Bradshaw breaking down, and no real other option in sight, Wilson can make this season his own, and run away with the job of starting running back for the New York Giants.

Kyle McMorrow/Featured Columnist

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