Half time.

The Giants can not tackle.

The Giants can not block.

The Giants have now played the worst 6 quarters of football the fans have seen in over 7 years.

With a whole half to play one would expect to completely go for it in the second half.   If history repeats itself and with the New York Giants it usually does…the New York Giants will go out without a whimper.   The comeback kid (Eli Manning)” has had no magic for most of the 2012 year and the offensive line that blocks for the magic man is getting destroyed.

Beatty might be the only one brought back next year.

However…as bad as the offensive line is…Defensive Back Corey Webster is “literally” loosing this game all by himself.   He is beat every play.  The first touchdown basically showed you that he has no technique at all.   When Perry Fewell was signed as the Defensive Coordinator his specialty was defensive backs and maximizing their talent.

Either Corey Webster has no talent or Fewell has no talent…possibly both.  Has anyone found the pass rush under their Christmas Tree?

Offensively…I am still waiting for something to happen.  Eli is getting killed.   Should Kevin Gilbride consider some play action or add in the screen game.   Hakeem Nicks is on the bench and 3 major blocks were missed by Bradshaw and Lumpkin.

This team needs an over haul.



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