The holiday was a simple distraction from the fact the New York Giants got man handled for the 2nd time in two weeks.  The embarrassing loss made a few things very obvious.

1. The New York Giants lack game changers

2. The New York Giants are much too old to compete with younger faster teams.

3. The New York Giants play calling is quite predictable and uninspiring.

4. The Super Bowl or Super Bowls might have made this team a bit too complacent 

5. There should be whole sale changes in 2013.


The season may be over(pending Eagles); however, think about who really makes this team better.  Or for the money who do you want to keep.

* Offensive Line: The Giants need 3 new starting lineman/settle for 2

Beatty:  A bit injury prone but is young and productive.  He is not nasty enough for left tackle, he would make a better right tackle –  KEEP

Boothe: Kevin Boothe is a solid guard but doesn’t have the footwork to match up against a Haloti Ngata(Ravens) or Geno Atkins(Bengals) – DUMP

Baas:  Overpaid($4. 25 mil in ’13), terrible pass blocker, average run blocker frquently overpowered.  The Niners dumped him for reason –  DUMP

Diehl: The Warrior needs to retire – DUMP

Snee:  Haloti Ngata(340lbs.) the defensive tackle from Ravens dropped a defensive end ‘swim move” on Chris Snee.  His time is short – KEEP

Draft or Sign : Franchise left tackle


* Receivers/Tight Ends: Outside the big two, does anyone scare you.  This team misses Manningham as a #3.

Nicks:  No.88 is the best receiver in franchise history; however, he needs to stay healthy if he expects that big payday in 2014 –  KEEP

Cruz:  A challenging year; yet, he made the Pro Bowl and is getting a new contract.  Worth an extension and the money – KEEP

Barden: A soft player with little upside.  The experiment has gone on long enough – DUMP

Beckum: A tweener who sadly to say is soft and has not contributed – DUMP

Hixon: Domenik had a nice season in a back up role.   He still has the speed to return kicks and he still has great hands – KEEP

Jernigan: The speedy receiver showed a brilliant flash of return ability and a handful of catches over the last few weeks.  Too Late – DUMP

Bennett: A pure surprise.  He does not have that “big play” ability that Jake Ballard seemed to have; yet he has jelled nicely with Eli & Co. – KEEP 

Pascoe:  Bear plays fullback, tight end…whatever is asked of him.  His hands are good and he showscases his value in the blocking game – KEEP

Randle:  Not sure why he does not see the field more – KEEP 


* Running Backs: 

Bradshaw: Heart and soul of the offensive; however he may need to restructure to stay.  ($3.75 mil 2013 & $4 million 2014) – KEEP

Wilson: Future of this team.  He will have to learn to run harder and keep his patience to find the holes.  Special athlete – KEEP

Brown: The team went south after the runnnng back broke his leg.  When healthy he is a great down hill runner.  He comes cheap – KEEP

Lumpkin: Really?  Do I need to say anything more – DUMP

Hynoski:   He has improved every year and has the ability catch the ball out of the backfield –  KEEP

Torain: The back was very productive in Washington, could be a special teams player and take the 4th back spot – DUMP

Scott: Was the fastest guy on the fiels until Wilson showed up.   There is not alot of room for another small fast guy – DUMP

 – Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor Giants  Rush

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