No one is ever happy with what they have until it’s gone.

A girlfriend, a job, whatever it is it always seems to be human nature to “complain” until the next situation to complain about comes long.  In comes the Giants free agent tight end Martellus Bennett.

De’ja’vu…one hand gun later and the New York Giants seem to be connected to another missed opportunity.

Da’Quan Bowers(Tampa Bay) recent arrest for handgun possession at a New Jersey airport has turned the Buccaneers attention to resigning their free agent defensive end, Michael Bennett.  Michael Bennett is the brother of the Giants current free agent Tight End Martellus Bennett.

Some say this event may have squashed an opportunity for the two brothers to play together side by side in New York, yet this incident only seems to have erupted chatter how expendable the Giants tight end is and how Jerry Reese and company should look else where for 2013.

In a year where Hakeem Nicks was plagued with injuries, Victor Cruz battled through a gutsy sophomore season, Ramses Barden was once again a no show and Ruben Randle barely saw the field, I would think fans would appreciate the job Bennett did during his first season as a Giant.

No. 85 has already said he would extend the team a “home town” discount to stay connecting with Eli Manning.

The rumblings that Bennett is not worth slapping a franchise tag on him for 6 million is understandable but having a revolving door at tight end is ridiculous.   Yes, Bennett has expressed that playing ball with his brother would be a dream come true, yet that doesn’t mean that he is willing  to cut short his new found success to have Josh Freeman throw him the ball.

While Kevin Boss, Jake Ballard and Martellus Bennet all have similar numbers,  lets not dismiss the importance of  a good pass catching tight end.  Hakeem Nicks is the difference maker for “Big Blue” as he stretches the field and allows Victor Cruz to perfect his salsa; however, when Nicks is on the self, the Giants need a better than average tight end to win.

One might even goes as far to say if Tight End Kevin Boss did not have multi-concussions or if Jake Ballard did not blow out his knee in the Super Bowl… anyone of those big men could start for the New York Giants for a reasonable cost.  Is not “consistency” something that future Hall of Fame Coach, Tom Coughlin always preaches?

Money is one argument & winning is another.  Pay the man and lets move on, we have Victor Cruz to worry about.

Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor Giants Rush

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