While the New York Giants staff stands by their decision to go with right tackle David Diehl, it only takes one hit for this franchise to be run by journeyman quarterback David Carr.

Over the first eight games of the 2012 season the offensive line that included tackle Sean Locklear only gave up six sacks.  In the last two weeks against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati The Giants were out played and out coached; however, it should not be overlooked that the Giants offensive line gave up six sacks with David Diehl back in the starting line up after injury.

Diehl has played poorly back-to-back weeks which is a great recipe for getting Eli Manning hurt.   Against the Steelers and the Bengals the Giants right tackle was seen on national television struggling to contain Outside Linebacker LaMarr Woodley(1 sack and 1 forced fumble) and Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap(1.5 sacks).

On many occasions, Dunlap, the former Florida defensive end and 2nd round draft pick knocked Diehl backward into Giants right guard Chris Snee causing him to lose his block.

While the NY Giants coaching staff supports David Diehl, one might ask if No. 66 still had “what it takes” to play offensive line for the New York Giants would he have switched positions 3 times in the last two seasons.   At the beginning of 2011 David Diehl was moved from left tackle to left guard because the coaching staff wanted Will Beatty to step up and become a franchise left tackle.

That experiment was terrible.   While the former Superbowl tackle started his career as a guard, the footwork to play the inside was long gone.   Diehl and newly acquired center David Bass were just plain bad; showcasing the worst running game in the NFL.   Since then he has been moved back to left tackle and now to right tackle.

Over his career David Diehl has been a true warrior, playing his best football between 2006 and 2010 protecting Eli Manning’s backside; however, that isn’t the case in 2012.   No one wants to see the Giants quarterback pay the price .

– Craig J. Santucci – Giants Rush Senior Editor

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