By: Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor

If you happen to watch any of the Philadelphia Eagles games this season, there is one thing you immediately notice.  The Eagles play “lights out” special teams, something the Giants can never do.

This Sunday night the Giants and the Eagles rock the prime TV schedule and you should count on a punt or kick off return for a touchdown, yes…the Eagles are averaging one special teams touchdown a game.

You would think with Reuben Randle, Preston Parker, Odell Beckham Jr. and Will Demps someone could push the Giants into good field position.   Well, that thought is incorrect.   How many times this year has Will Demps taken the kick off out of the end zone when he should have taken a knee.

Demps an off-season acquisition was brought in to make the Giants return game electric.   Once again that did not happen.   Demps consistently fields the ball deep in the end zone and basically takes a dive at the 20 yard line.   He has no burst and no field vision to be a kick returner.

It is the most uninspiring special teams I have seen to date.  How I long for David Wilson. Last week against the Falcons the Giants brass were pushing OBJ as hard as they could.   He made an appearance late in the game as a punt returner.

OH NO!   Does anyone remember Jason Sehorn?   The Giants pro-bowl cornerback shredded his knee into spaghetti when he was granted the kick return duties by former head coach Jim Fassel.   Keep Beckham off special teams and just find someone who can return kicks. With all the resources the Giants have and all the speed in the NFL…how hard can  it be to find a decent returner.

All 5′ 5″ inches Trindon Holliday was brought into camp to be the lightning on special teams; however, he never got out of the training room.   We can expect a battle Sunday night; however, if the Giants do not play perfect special team…Big Blue might be spotting the Eagles 7 points.