In 2011 Kenny Phillips had his best year as a New York Giant.

The 6’2 safety played in 15 games and wrapped up 82 tackles, 11 pass def and 4 interceptions.  When the Giants drafted him in 2008 he was touted as a big hitter with Pro Bowl type qualities.

No. 21 has worked hard to make a come back from a devastating knee injury he had 3 years ago and has become a part of the Giants success.

In walks Stevie Brown.

The 5’11 221 lbs. safety that was a 7th round draft pick from the Oakland Raiders in 2010 has not only made the roster, and contributed, he is now one of the stars on the Giants defense.  He was cut 3x by the Raiders, 1x by the Colts and 1x by the Panthers.

When Phillips got hurt in week 4 there was some concern who would step up and attempt to fill Kenny Phillips shoes.   Would it be Tyler Sash, Will Hill or the little known player wearing Brandon Jacobs old number.

To date Kenny Phillips has never turned into the Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu but he has held down the fort with some proficiency.   He is not the big hitter the Giants wanted but he is a sure tackler in a world of bad tackling.   The question is now that Kenny Phillips is returning from another knee injury is he better for the Giants or does the amazing production from Stevie Brown keep him off the field.

Looking how the Giants handled David Diehl and his return tot he starting lineup, Giant fans should be concerned that Stevie Brown will see less playing time.

To date Stevie Brown has 46 tackles, 5 interception returned for 168 yards, 6 passes defended and two fumble recoveries.   This kid belongs and has delivered way more than anyone expected.   He has been the spark the Giants have lacked and his production is on pace to surpass Phillips best year.

Hopefully the Giants sleepy Defensive Coordinator, Perry Fewell can put some 3 safety sets on the field for Phillips.

Brown does not deserve to lose his starting spot.

– Craig Santucci – Senior Editor Giants Rush

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