So this day finally has arrived and NY Giant roster is set and the fans are left with an empty feeling.

It’s the Roster edition of the Rant & Rave.

Rant: So the entire coaching staff is depending on JPP to come back and be his old self.   That is a very arrogant way to look at things.  What if he doesn’t?  While the entire fan base is expecting that to happen also…ask anyone who has had a microdiscectomy how hard that is.  This team needed Adrian Tracy. 

Rave: Michael Cox made this team!  It’s nice to see Mr. Cox dreams come true.  Now the UMass graduate needs to show why the next-to-last player drafted(253rd) overall was a good choice.  He needs to average more than just 15 yards a return.  David Wilson “literally” was the best returner this franchise has had since David Megget.

Rant: Salary Dump?  What has Painter ever done in this league?  What team was knocking down the door in Indianapolis for him.   I’m not sure there was one.  While I have no doubt Painter is a student of game, but if Eli goes down should we all just take our ball and go home.  Good luck Mr. Carr. 

Rave: We have not seen much of Jamer Brewer over the last 3 years.  He is not a household name; however the 330 pound tackle from Indiana picked up the slack and moved over from tackle to left guard.  Are you thinking what’s the big deal?  The guy has never played the position and yet he did a great job.  Ya gotta love a gamer.   He versatility makes him very valuable.

Rant: I would never call Jerry Reese a magician, but I sure hope he has something up his sleeve because the running back position for the New York Giants might have just hit rock bottom.  Da’Rel Scott is the #2 behind starter David Wilson and Michael Cox is the #3.

Wow!?  So who is going to pick up the blitzing linebacker or chip on the defensive end? There is not a guy on the team over 220 lbs. Torrain, the former Redskin was supposed to be a professional running back with experience.  I guess not enough to make this team.

Rave: A first round draft pick pressed into action and projected to start week #1 in the Tom Coughlin era.  Yes, you heard it right…1st round draft pick, Justin Pugh from Castle Rock High School in near by Pennsylvania has done a very good job showing why the Giants drafted him at the top.

Will he struggle, sure…he’s a rookie.  But it’s great to know this guy can play.  The 301 lbs tackle will get a full face of the NFL when the Giants open up against those Cowboys!

Special Notes from our friend at Back at Quest are DE Matt Broha, CB Charles James, WR Julian Talley, OL Eric Herman, WR Marcus Harris, OL Stephen Goodin and DE Adewale Ojomo.

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor of NY Giants Rush