During a slow week in sports and post American World Cup drama…the Philadelphia Sports Radio scene has turned to rating the quarterbacks in NFC East for the upcoming 2014 season.

The hosts of the ESPN mid day show fire from the gut and are very entertaining to say the least; however, this debate is tad transparent. Know about buff’s post about play fortnite for money

There top pick for quarterback in the NFC was….Nick Foles(Eagles). 

No surprise, but I do not have an issue with this at all.  Nick Foles is no Drew Brees or Peyton Manning but the second year player had himself a fantastic season, especially when considering the limited experience Foles has under center in the NFL.

While Chip Kelly wants to run a fast, and sometimes faster offense, the good old boy from Texas put up 27 TD’s from the pocket and had the highest rating in 2013 for average yards per pass(9.12).

Only time will tell if the 2013 season was “lightning in a bottle”; however, his overall game, confidence and leadership ability should take a giant step forward.   Two questions remain unanswered if Foles can move the Eagles into the NFC playoff picture again.

1. Will Foles feel the loss of DeSean “I don’t get it” Jackson and his 1300 yards receiving?

2. Will offensive lineman and steroid user Lance Johnson be missed during his 4 game suspension.   The good news is he will be replaced by former steroid user Allen Barbre who was cut from Seattle after testing positive for a banned substance.

The second choice was Robert Griffin(Redskins).

This pick always puzzles me. RG3 is a great talent; however, unless there is a dramatic change in his game and the offense he will always be exposed to getting blasted by a defender.  The read option only exposes your 1st round draft pick to another injury.

New head coach Jay Gruden seems to understand RG3’s legs are not what they once were; however, Griffin is a loser of 17 of his 29 starts and learning a new offense.   Our Philly radio hosts rave about the talent that RG3 is…yet the guy had only 4 passes over 40 yards in 2013.  He does not put up enough points to win.

The hosts claimed he had no offense line, but Wide Receiver Pierre Garcon had over 1300 yards receiving, more than he ever had with Peyton Manning.   Finally, the Skins still lost 13 games.  Griffin is a great athlete but currently an average QB.

The third choice was Tony Romo(Cowboys).

Romo is a stat monger and a playmaker.  No. 9 is always at the top of every statistical catagory …yet what has he won.  He is also coming off back surgery.   I have written on this subject before from personal experience.  Back surgery , specifically repairing a herniated disc is life altering.

He may never be the same players he once was, sadly I predicted that for JPP last year.

Only time will tell how Romo will bounce back; however, there is no gray area with your spine, either it’s healed and the there is no pain or pain is present.   Depending on how big the ruptured disc fragment was will determine how his body responds.

Your discs are the shock absorbers for your body, once compromised, everything changes.  Romo is one hit away from retirement.   There is no pain on earth like nerve pain.

If Dez Bryant gets injured on any level, Dallas will struggle, that’s if Romo is even ready to start the year. It took Peyton Manning a whole year away from the game to get ready.  His disc surgery was in his neck.   Each are very serious.

Can anyone say Kyle Orten or Brandon Weeden?

Philly rates Eli Manning(Giants) last in the NFC East.

Shocker!  Philly hates Eli because he wins, because he’s a 2x MVP , because he’s not an Eagle.  Yes, the defense deserved the first Superbowl MVP, get over it.   Not once did the gentlemen behind the mic discuss the putrid offensive line and shoddy receivers.

Pro Football Focus rated the 2013 New York Giants O line #28…up from #11.   That is the second biggest fall of an offensive line unit in the NFL(Jets #1).  The result: 27 interceptions.

When you have an antiquated offensive scheme, and nine different rotating Giants lineman you bet you’re going to be on your back or throwing interceptions. Manning is a smart QB; however having 5 different Tight Ends in four years and sub par play from Hakeem Nicks eventually resulted in sucking.

There was a time Eli Manning was the only active QB that threw for 3000 + yards and 20 TD’s…6 years in a row.   Eagles fans should realize that Austin Texas is only 7 hours from New Orleans, these two players have a lot of similarities in demeanor.

New coordinator, Ben McAdoo is coming from Green Bay and has promised a high energy, high impact offense.  Sources say the complexity has been removed from the offense and the play makers will finally be able to make plays.

If RG3 can make it back from knee surgery and Tony Romo can make it back from spine surgery, one should expect  Eli Manning to bounce back from ankle surgery and perform at a high level.  Even a top 10 NFL QB.

McAdoo will change the stupid mistakes and turn the Giants 1st round draft pick , Odell Beckam loose on defenders. ranking

  1. Nick Foles

2. Eli Manning

  1. RG3

4. Tony Romo

Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor