Grade: C-

Let’s face it, Eli Manning hasn’t looked like the guy Giants fan have come to expect over the past few seasons.

Manning leads the league in interceptions (15), has two fumbles lost, and ranks 29th in completion percentage.

Perhaps the one thing that separates Eli from a letter “F” grade is the glaring lack of run support he’s received. While Peyton Hillis has breathed life into a lifeless ground attack, the G-Men still rank near the bottom of the league in total rushing yards, yards per attempt, and touchdowns.

As Manning continues to work with a patchwork backfield and offensive line, his lack of chemistry with Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Myers, and Rueben Randle has lead to the steady demise of a once potent offense.

Over his last two games however, Manning has asserted himself a bit more in the pocket, found his recovers underneath rather than over the top, and committed zero turnovers.

We all know the talent is there, now Eli & Co. must put it all together in the second half of the season.

With Andre Brown returning from injury, the Giants should be able to control the clock a bit more, and get back to a balanced attack. Manning has had to play from behind most of the season, leading to countless pass attempts and missed opportunities.

Eli should bounce back over the next few weeks, and if it’s one thing he’s proven over the years, it’s to never count him or Big Blue out when the chips are down.

Kyle McMorrow | Featured Columnist