So the season is coming to a disappointing end and the Giants need a miracle to move on to the playoffs.

The Giants could enter as a Wild Card if  “ALL” of these scenario’s play out.

1.  Giants to beat Eagles

2. Redskins to beat Cowboys

3. Packers to beat Vikings

4. Lions to beat the Bears

The Giants defense is depleted.  They need younger playmakers.  The can’t stop the run, or get pressure up the middle when it counts or defend the pass.   So looking ahead, you be the judge who stays and who goes on the defensive side of the ball?

* Defensive Line:  A huge overhaul in the making

Chris Canty – Good player when healthy; however, vastly over paid(6 yrs – $42 million).  Worst contract Jerry Reese ever signed.   Knee injury vs. Ravens ended his season. Canty only played 9 games in ’12 w/ little production.  He needs to restructure or be cut.  He will never live up to the $6.25 million salary for 2013 – DUMP

Marvin Austin – has not played substansial football in 3 years.   Suspensions and injuries ruined a promising career – DUMP

Adrian Tracy – makes the most of his playing time.  Not a NFL starter yet and needs to develop his game – KEEP

Rocky Bernard – the lack of pressure in the middle allows the double teams on JPP, TUCK, KIWI and Osi.  Bernard was brought back due to the injuries to Austin. – DUMP

Linval Joseph – Joseph gets “ZERO” pressure up the middle.  He does not force teams to account for him and he is not a run-stuffer.  In short, he is not Barry Cofield, never was.   He is an adequate back up and role player – KEEP

Markus Kuhn –  played well with very little college football experience.  Good upside and will grow after some major rehab(Knee) – KEEP

Jason Pierre Paul – JPP is having a down year(62 tackles/6.5 sacks); however, the lack of inside pressure allows more teams to double him and chip him at the line.  He is still a dominant player – KEEP

Mathius Kiwanuka – Kiwi should only play defensive end.  He is at his best with his hand in the dirt.  This past off season he signed a four year extension.   Kiwi “DID NOT” get enough snaps.  He needs to be on the field more – KEEP

Osi Umenyiora – Osi does not like or trust GM Jerry Reese.   His 1 year deal is up…so expect the pass rusher to leave – DUMP

Justin Tuck – the defensive captain was not himself in 2012.  Whether he is hurt or constantly doubled teamed, Tuck needs the extra time off.  His relentless pursuit of the quarterback has disappeared.  The lack of inside pressure hurts him greatly and a contract restructure will be needed.  Perhaps a new defensive coordinator would help his game.  The spaceman face-mask needs to go…he can’t possible see anything – KEEP

* Linebackers – need to draft

Chase Blackburn – Everyone loves Chase Blackburn.  He defines Giants Defensive; however, his lack of speed hurts this unit.   Because he can play all 3 linebackers spots and dominates on special teams he is still valuable – KEEP

Michael Boley -Boley had been the most dominate of the all linebackers for years; however, he has had a terrible second half of the season.  He has 1 year on his contract and will most likely be released unless he will restructure and/or resign for less.  He is owed $4.25 million for 2013.  He has become a liability in pass coverage and never seems to have a dominate 12 to 15 tackle game – DUMP

Jacquian Williams – a very athletic linebacker, Williams has made the most of his playing time. Injuries have kept him off field.  He  is very good in pass coverage and has replaced Boley on many passing downs.  He needs to get better against the run and become a leader – KEEP

Mark Herzlich – Herzlich has a ton of athleticism,  however, it seems he lacks football IQ.   He has been given a ton of opportunity to catch on and make a big play…but it never comes.  He over pursues most running plays, and has shown time and time again he can not get off a block – DUMP

Spencer Paysinger – The un-drafted free agent  has a nasty streak and will hit you, but he seems to get lost inside.  He has the same qualities and size as Antonio Pierre.  Watching a ton of film will help him – KEEP

Keith Rivers – Rivers comes as advertised.  A ton of ability, but is ALWAYS HURT.   He offers little upside except special teams – DUMP

The Giants NEED to DRAFT  a 1st rd, sideline to sideline backer.  The Giants missed out on Sean Lee and it’s been since Jesse Armstead that the Giants had a great linebacker. 

* Defensive Backs

Stevie Brown –  great pick up.  Should be next year’s starter – KEEP

Antrel Rolle –  most “UN-SELFISH” player on the team.  Rolle still knows how to tackle, motivate and he comes to play every week.  He tends to have some in game lapses; yet is the best over all DB the Giants have – KEEP

Kenny Phillips – Phillips contract is up for renewal.  He most likely will not be retained due to the emergence of Stevie Brown.  Phillips could come  back under a much more affordable contract but that is highly unlikely – DUMP

Wil Hill – great addition to the team.  Hill is a big time hitter and makes his presence felt.  3rd safety in the package – KEEP

Tyler Sash – Sash is Rolle’s back up and he does contribute on special Teams – KEEP

Corey Webster – Webster was never a shut-down corner back and he does not tack le.   No. 23 did get a better from 2008 to 2012; but with the lack of a pass rush Webster has been exposed – DUMP

Prince Amukamara – still growing as a player.  He is injury prone…only playing in just 19 of a possible 31 regular season games in his 2 seasons.   He gives too much a cushion underneath but his always around the ball on the deep routes.   He needs to drastically improve to be considered a good 1st round pick for the GMEN – KEEP

Justin Tryon  – While the player has given everything, he is not an NFL cornerback – DUMP

Jayson Hosley – still growing as a player.   Hosley would make an ideal nickel or dime defensive back.   He needs to put on a bit more muscle mass, yet the fist year player has shown some flashes and is a very good tackler for a small guy – KEEP

Terrell Thomas – the most productive cornerback the Giants have had in years; yet, no one knows if he can make it back after another knee injury.

– Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor Giants Rush

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