Zero points, three turnovers, and six sacks equal a giant blowout to send the G-Men to 38 point loss and a 0-3 record.

Eli Manning and the New York Giants are three games in and have yet to find an offensive identity. They attempted to run the ball a bit more than recent games, but found little success (60 yards on 16 carries). The offensive line struggled to create holes, and allowed the Panthers to walk through and greet the backfield face-to-face.

But Eli wasn’t much better, completing 12 of 23 passes for 119 yards and an interception Sunday. He just wasn’t in sync all afternoon, and couldn’t link up with Hakeem Nicks for a single completion.

With no running game, more turnovers than touchdowns, and a quarterback who looked more and more depleted with every snap, there’s little hope for this team going forward.

Is the end of an era coming for Manning and Coughlin?

Nothing so drastic, but panic has to have set in for many in the stands and locker room.

Tom Coughlin needs to get the Giants back to winning the game in the trenches. The offensive line needs to establish the run early, control the clock, and keep that thing they call a defense off the field for as long as possible. New York has proven they can’t out gun-sling opponents, nor should they. They’ve never been about shootouts and fantasy numbers, so why change the formula?

So David Wilson, it’s on you.

If Eli is to right the ship, he’ll need the ground game to get started. It’s the most fundamental part of the game, and the Giants need to get back to the basics if they are going to advance any further than a below average team.

Kyle McMorrow | Featured Columnist