The Giants overcame a late-game interception from their embattled leader to pull out a meaningless win over the Lions in Detroit Sunday afternoon.

It’s a harsh way to look at the situation, but is it not true?  The whole “playing for pride” argument doesn’t really apply to this team. For 15 weeks this team didn’t play with any pride, so why make the case for it now?

Eli Manning nearly failed Big Blue once again after throwing his league leading 26th interception near the end of regulation to set up overtime.

In the extra frame, New York gambled a fourth-and-7 from the Lions 42-yard line and saw it pay off with a first-down and eventual win; but does it really matter?

This win doesn’t erase what’s already happened, nor cure any doubts fans must have about Manning’s play. The questions have piled up heading into the final week of the season, and the offense will be undergoing some serious changes heading into next year.

The offensive line was just that, offensive. Soon to be free agent Hakeem Nicks hasn’t caught a touchdown since last year, and the running game ranks last in the league in yards per game.

And then there’s Eli Manning.

Either Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride is out the door, or the Giants personnel is flipped on its head and remade for next season.  If Gilbride is the one who gets the axe, it would be welcomed change as his play calling has been a thorn in many fans’ side for years.

It’s too soon to assume Manning is on the downside of his career, but his play has definitely changed. His throws down field seem more forced than fluid. The check downs seemingly get harder and harder to complete every week, and screen passes are never run correctly. If Gilbride can’t reshape the playbook, and he’s failed to do so all season, then a change of pace is needed to get Eli back on track.

The Giants have one more game to either improve their draft stock or “play for pride”, and this fan is already looking forward to 2014.

 Kyle McMorrow | Featured Columnist