We’re past the panic button and beyond the finger pointing phase of the season. Excuses can’t be made for an 0-5 team who looks worse and worse as the season drags on.

With the Philadelphia Eagles coming into town, fans were hoping this could be the game that Eli Manning and the Giants offense finally busts out and shows the league they’re back.

That story didn’t play out Sunday, but here’s the one that did.

Manning threw three interceptions, the Giants lost, and Monday morning Manning is a Monday morning mess.

After being outscored 69-7 in their last two games, Eli and the offense looked good throughout the first quarter, including a five-play, 62-yard drive culminating in a David Wilson touchdown.

But it got bumpy from there, real bumpy.

Eli went finished the game 24/52 for 334 yards and two scores, but was plagued by turnovers, three intentional grounding penalties, and dropped passes. He struggled to complete passes within 5-yards of the line-of-scrimmage, and was 3-of-16 on passes 15-yards or more downfield, according to

While Manning didn’t get any help from his defense, who surrender more than 30-points for the fifth straight game, the struggles on offense are clear. The running game is invisible, the passing game is questionable, and the solutions are not in sight.

Perhaps a coordinator change is what’s need on both sides of the football, or maybe the talent just isn’t there, either way, the G-Men will need to figure it out soon as they enter a short week with Chicago awaiting them on Thursday Night Football.