Who needs touchdowns when you can kick field goals and play defense?

For the first time all season Eli Manning didn’t have to try to carry his team through an early deficit, or make up for costly turnovers. The Giants finally put it all together and defeated the Eagles 15-7 for their second win of the season.

That’s two in a row for those keeping count at home.

Manning didn’t overwhelm in the box score (25-39 for 249 yards), but his efficient play kept the Giants in control all afternoon. It’s ironic that Manning’s best game of the season comes on a day where he failed to throw even a single touchdown, but sometimes you just have to let the game come to you.

Instead of playing catch up, Eli found himself in the drivers seat that had become all too unfamiliar this season. With a slim lead and dominate defense, Manning didn’t have to force the ball down the field and opted to take what the defense gave him. More importantly, Manning didn’t commit a single turnover.

With the help of Peyton Hillis, the Giants dominated the time of possession by nearly 17 minutes.

See how it all adds up? A balanced attack on offense, a defense that doesn’t get blown up every possession, and a trim in the turnover department really makes a difference in the scoreboard outcome.

On a side but related note, Eli Manning passed Phil Simms Sunday for the most career passing yards in Giants history with 33,462.