At 6’7″ and 248 pounds, No. 85 is a formidable bookend on the O-line, and looks like a bulky wide receiver when split out wide.   But while Martellus Bennett has caught a touchdown pass in both of the first two games this 2012 season, we have also seen some head-scratching “I could have caught that” plays, in which he dropped relatively easy passes, or looked confused for no reason.

He’s a character. In a bizarre, recent NY Times interview, Bennett comes off as a very quirky personality, one that did not fit in Dallas well, and is loving the eccentricities of NY life.  His business card identifies him as a “Visionary Architect,” although the article makes him sound a like a bizarro Ralph Cramden with $2.5 million in his wallet (his contract this year).

In Dallas, playing behind Jason Witten, Bennett had his share of drops but proved himself as a great run blocker while getting lots of playing time in the Cowboys’ 2-tight end set up. It’s obvious that the man has raw talent, but the jury is definitely out if he will have the tight end hands that NY Giants fans are accustomed to the past 10 years with Shockey, Boss and 2011-2 surprise hero Jake Ballard.

So, while I am optimistic that Bennett still has time to develop his hands- he skipped his senior year of college at Texas A & M, and is only 25 years old.  Hands are something that you either have, or you don’t. For example:  Hakeem Nicks has great hands.

I’m just hoping that Martellus’ nutty side can hit a NY stride, and put him into a pass catching groove- sort of like Randy Moss in New England, T.O. in San Fran, 2001 Chad Johnson, and some other infamously nutty but gifted receivers did. Martellus Bennett is a VERY talented athlete with potential to be a great player.

But watch this video from a couple of years ago, and tell me that this man doesn’t have some loose screws!

– written by Andy Pritikin – Featured Columnist

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