Eli Manning wasn’t good throughout the first half of the season, and neither was the running game. As the two-time Super Bowl MVP tried to carry his team through the months of September and October, the Giants racked up loss after loss, almost sealing their fate at the bottom of the NFL.

Since that disastrous 0-6 start, the Giants have battled back, and not necessarily because of anything Eli has done, but because of what the guys behind him have.

The re-emergence of Peyton Hillis, combined with the return of Andre Brown, has completely reshaped how Big Blue approaches games, and now has the Giants sitting at 5-7 on the season.
Over his last four games, Eli has attempted less passes than his previous eight, and cut down on his turnovers in the process. Against the Redskins this past Sunday, Manning completed 22-of-28 pass attempts, and was most successful on  play-action passes.

According to ESPN:

“Eli Manning completed all five of his play-action passes Sunday for 80 yards and his only touchdown. His 16.0 yards per attempt on such passes is his highest in a game in the last two seasons. Coming into the game, Manning had a 42 Total QBR on play action this season, 30th in the NFL.”

Manning posted his highest rating of the season since Week 1, and pulled out a victory. If Eli can continue to cut down his turnovers, and find a balance to attacking the defense, the Giants offense could potentially be as lethal as many expected back in August.

 Kyle McMorrow | Featured Columnist