Giants vs. Dallas Recap: Rant & Rave Week One

The Giants lost in true Big Blue style last night against the Dallas Cowboys with bad clock management, zero pass rush and prevent defense.

Rant and Rave is back.

Rant:  The Giants scratched Owa Odighizua and Cooper Taylor?  How does Cooper Taylor go from starting safety to healthy scratch in 3 days?  Maybe he fell down in the shower. For three years this guy has been hurt every week.   I was looking forward to seeing OWA play last night for he was the only hope for a pass rush.

Rave: Prince Amukamara and a healthy DRC shined last night.  Grant it…Dez Brant was out for most of the game but the two starting corner backs looked good.   In a bend don’t break attitude, both corners looked very good.  DRC was exceptional and was called for phantom PI call that changed the game.

Rant:  Preston Parker vs. James Jones?   I have defended this guy for 10 months, now I am done.  He dropped two critical passes.  The second drop was unacceptable.  It was a routine catch. How did GM, Jerry Reese choose Preston Parker over the proven commodity of James Jones.  Jones scored two touchdowns yesterday for Green Bay.  

Rave:  I’m not sure what else a Giants fan should expect from Devin Unga.  This guy played his butt off.  He maybe be too slow to cover the back on a wheel route or the flair but between the hash-marks this guy can play.  It’s no fluke that Unga led the nation in tackles for BYU.  Box Score: 12 tackles| 10 solo | 1 INT

Rant:  How many times are the refs going to blow off “Delay of Game”?   Go rewind your DVR.  TWO times the play clock was at zero and the ball had not been snapped.   That’s a problem.   Not to mention that absurd call on DRC.  The referee told Cromartie it was an “IFFY” call.  

Rave: Brandon Meriweather and Trumaine McBride should also be commended on a nice game.  The physical play from safety position does make a difference.  Big hits from the safety spot have been non existent for years and McBride has developed into a very nice player.

Rant: Pathetic pass rush.  Jerry Reese should be embarrassed how he left this team with no talent.  Stop now if you’re going to say something about Demontre Moore.   He doesn’t have it.  The facts are, Ayers is good but has no help and JPP screwed this team with his selfish behavior. Box Score:  Zero QB rushes | Zero Sacks | 1 QB knock down (Kennard is a linebacker).

Double Rant: Dwayne Harris was terrible.  He was so busy running backward and losing yards I forgot Jerry Reese paid him 17.5 million dollars over 5 years.  3.5 million a year for that?  Will he have some big plays…I hope so because he looked like garbage last night. Nice job Jerry Reese! 

By Craig Santucci | Managing Editor