I’m Sorry Wilson: The Hillis are alive!

Don’t let the two touchdowns fool you – Andre Brown didn’t have a great game against the Washington Pigskins last week.  His 14 rushes for 35 yards become even less impressive when you realize that 23 of those yards came on one run.

Peyton Hillis, on the other hand, emerged from seemingly out of nowhere to have his best game of the year – 6 rushes for 45 yards, albeit no touchdowns.

It was a nice return for Hillis, who hadn’t taken the field since Week 10 against Oakland.

All told, the Giants’ running backs averaged 4.0 yards per carry against a middle-of-the-pack Pigskin rushing defense.

This week, the Giants take on the San Diego (Super) Chargers defense which has been not just terrible, but atrocious.

The Atlanta Falcons are 31st in the NFL in Defense DVOA at 15.5%.  The Chargers are 32nd with a 23.6% DVOA.  That 12.1% gap is the same not as big as the gap between the Giants at 7th with -7.9%, and the Houston Texans, who rank 21st with 4.1%.

The Chargers run defense has a 13.3% DVOA, more than three times the next worst team, the New England Patriots, whose DVOA against the run is 4.2%.

The fact of the matter is, the Giants should have no problem running all over the Chargers come Sunday, if they can execute.

Of course, as bad as the Chargers are against the run, they are even worse against the pass, and so the spotlight will continue to shine on Eli Manning, facing the team that drafted him for the third time.

And while the Rivers-Manning matchup has been the sole focus of the buildup for this game, I’m sure that’s exactly what Brown and Hillis want; to fly under the RADAR all week, then run rampant on Sunday.

Brandon Jacobs is doubtful with a knee injury.

Joe’s Prediction (for Brown):

 Last Week’s Prediction: 18 carries, 92 yards, 1 touchdown

Actual Production: 14 carries, 35 yards, 2 touchdowns

Verdict: I’ve had better, and I’ve had worse.

This Week: 15 carries, 104 yards, 1 touchdown

Joe Vasile | Featured Columnist

Joe Vasile is the voice of the Fayetteville (NC) SwampDogs and host of “Ball Four” on WTSR in Trenton.  Follow him on Twitter at @JoeVasilePBP.