The Question: Are The Giants The Best of the Worst the NFL has to Offer?! I don’t think that I’ve ever been less inspired by three wins in a row.

Let’s recap:
The Giants get manhandled the first six games of the season, including absolutely embarrassing losses to the Broncos, Panthers and Chiefs. Thank goodness it turns out that the Panthers are actually a good team.

Win #1: The Giants finally get into the win column after winning a game against a hapless Vikings team that trots out a quarterback who was just cut by his team, participated in only four practices that week (if that), and looked like a worse passer than Tim Tebow.

Win #2: The Giants get another win, when a hobbled Mike Vick gets benched for the GREEN rookie Matt Barkley who after marching down the field for 80 yards, plays with so much jitters that he appeared to be a double-agent for the New York Football Giants, and will probably never get into an NFL game again this season.

Win #3: The Giants get back into the thick of the NFC Least, with a third consecutive win against one of the worst NFL teams(Oakland) I have ever seen- in which they played from behind for most of the game, and didn’t look much better than their opponent.

If not for the remarkable resurrection of Andre Brown, I would literally be unhappy about today’s victory.

Let’s hope that the practice squad QB led Green Bay Packers continue their swoon next week at MetLife Stadium- because after that, the opponents get real again. Hopefully by then, the Giants will find their groove- although I’m starting to think that’s WAY too optimistic this season.

Andy Pritikin | Featured Columnist