Lost in the shuffle of the defense-and-Eli Manning-driven 27-13 victory against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday was Andre Brown’s 18-carry, 66-yard performance.

While that’s nothing to get excited over, the fact that that’s the fourth-best performance by a Giants running back this year says a whole lot about the state of the rushing attack this year.

Brown’s running is not the stuff of elite running backs, but his 9.0% DVOA through two games is nothing to brush off.  While his performance Sunday was a bit disappointing after a 115-yard debut Week 10, it was good enough to aid in the victory, especially when you add in his three catches for 27 yards.

He would’ve had a touchdown, too, if it weren’t for that meddling Brandon Jacobs, who finished with a very Brandon Jacobs-y nine yards on five carries.

Brown now has 181 yards on 48 carries in two games this season, meaning that he is actually the team’s leading rusher.

Going into this Sunday’s matchup with the Sean Lee-less Dallas Cowboys – who rank 28th in the NFL in DVOA against the run – Brown is primed for another productive game.

While I make weekly mention of how the run game has been helped by the incremental improvements of the offensive line and John “Total Recall” Conner, make no mistake that Brown is the best running back that the Giants have put on the field this year.  That’s how he’s managed to become the team’s leading rusher despite playing only two games.

The combination of all three of those things should lead to far more success against the Cowboys than the team had when they last played Week 1.

Additionally, with this game being Big Blue’s first real test since the beginning of their four game winning streak, Brown and his supporting cast  will need to step up and help the Giants control the ball on offense, and keep it out of the hands of Tony Romo.

If they can win the time of possession battle (but also make sure that they are getting touchdowns, not settling for field goals) the Giants should be able to win the game and continue their improbable march toward the playoffs.

Joe’s Prediction:

20 rushes, 89 yards, 1 touchdown

Joe Vasile | Featured Columnist

Joe Vasile is the voice of the Fayetteville SwampDogs and host of “Ball Four” on WTSR in Trenton.  Follow Joe on Twitter at @JoeVasilePBP.