There are fans of football players and there are fans of franchises.

If you are a fan of football players, you are upset with the dismissal of Bradshaw, Boley and Canty.

If you are a fan of the New York Giants franchise, you believe in what Jerry Reese and his staff are doing to make Big Blue a better team.

Then there’s that unique football move that has you guessing what is going on.   As the Giants continue to make salary cap room to sign players like Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, and the upcoming rookie class one has to ask themselves… is the kicker important or are all kickers created equal.

Well, if you watch football, then you remember two of the more high-profile kickers of the last 12 years.  Adam Vinatieri and Mike Vanderjact were always considered the best.  One made the kick.   One did not.   Kickers are not created equal, but do the New York Giants have an issue with Lawrence Tynes?

He makes his field goals(81% over last 3 years) and he doesn’t hurt you with his kick off’s, especially with the ball being moved up to the 35 yard line.  The New York Giants have a high-flying offense who do not overly rely on field goals, yet… Tynes was second in points in the NFL in 2012.


Tynes is 35 years old and the New York Giant are not going to draw up a “break the bank” contract for their kicker; however, one would ask is there really a team in NFL that is going to over pay for a 35-year-old kicker?  So as a back up the Giants sign David Buehler.  Are you asking who is David Buehler and did the Giants just create a problem that does not need to exist?

Buehler was Jerry Jones pick in 2009.   The Cowboys’ fifth-round pick out of USC was not overly impressive on kick offs with 60 touchbacks on 175 kickoffs (34.3 percent).   Even though he held his own on field goals in 2010 making 24 of 32 kicks, he missed the 2011 season after tearing his adductor muscle, which required surgery.

He did not kick in the NFL last season.   Signing  the muscle bound Buehler could be a motivational tactic and just enough leverage to push Tynes into the affordable category.  Otherwise…more fans will be asking, “When can we expect to hear some good news from my franchise?”

Craig J. Santucci – Senior Editor Giants Rush 

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