When will the NY Giants be dominate again?

When you’re a New York Giants fan, you automatically have high expectations.  This franchise has an impressive resume.

In the span of 90 years the Giants have won 4 super bowls, made 48 playoff appearances and have 20 players and coaches in the Hall of Fame; however, the New York Giants have not been considered dominate for a decade.

Call it bad drafting, call it bad coaching, call it bad luck…I call it lazy.   If the New England Patriots can go to the playoffs 11 straight years, why can’t the Giants?  Yes, the trend is for the Giants to start off slow and injured and with a flip of the switch turn around a season of turmoil into Super Bowl euphoria.

  • Giants vs. Bill 2007 – Think about it…rookie Ahmad Bradshaw rip off 88 yards in the snow, week 16…to ignite a memorable NY Giants run.
  • Giants vs. Jets 2011 – Early Christmas present when Victor Cruz makes an amazing move on Antonio Cromartie to go 99 yards for the score.

So the fans have been asking why the Giants brass can not, will not, sign top free agents so big blue can be competitive every year?  There was an interesting crop of free agents that could have helped this team, instead General Manger Jerry Reese abandoned the process once safety Devin McCourty resigned with the Patriots.

Do top free agents always, but whatever the Giants are currently doing under Jerry Reese and Marc Ross is not working.  Someone, please tell me why the Giants did not sign Evan Mathias when it was clear the Giants needed offensive line help. The former Eagle was rated a top 5 guard, that could also play tackle.

The philosophy that the New York Giants will draft and sign players that are affordable and will be “coached up” to become star players is arrogant and proven unsuccessful. Jerry Reese needs to understand that a round peg in a square hole only works a few times.

Players contracts may be too big, but the talent pool is too small, something has to give. Why cant the Giants just be good, a feared opponent?   The defense has one to many questions leading up to the season opener against Dallas…hopefully, Landon Collins can put the spark back in the defense.

by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor