The New York Giants will have to address the offensive line sooner or later.

Sooner can mean picking a pro ready tackle in the 1st round with the 19th pick.   The New York Giants most likely would have to “move down”  in the draft to be able to be in the running for a franchise tackle that can step in a play.

Later means…picking through the rubble for free agents that have been dis-guarded or un-drafted free agents looking to catch on with an NFL team that needs offensive line help.

The ground and pound days maybe gone from the Tom Coughlin era; however, the New York Giants will need to gain “tough yards”.  That  never goes away.  And those “tough yards” maybe even harder to come by in 2013 if the offensive line issues continue and the personnel of that offensive line returns.   The current line is either unsigned, over paid and or over used.

The current O line also lacks the most required trait for an offensive line in the NFL:  Attitude

With No. 44 Ahmad Bradshaw NOT in the back field and Andre Brown on the mend the offensive could struggle.   So as the team experiments with teaching rookie running back sensation David Wilson to pass block or run with his head up, managements needs to find away to get this unit younger and more athletic.

Otherwise expect to see Eli Manning on his back too often.

Will Beatty(T)RESIGNED.  Recently re-signed to a very large lucrative deal.  Beatty was called an ascending tackle by management putting the pressure on him to have a Pro Bowl year.  If you get paid…you have to show up.

Kevin Boothe(G/Center) – RESIGNED.    Versatile Boothe signed a new 1 year deal and solidify the left side.  The Panthers, Cardinals and Bears all showed interest.  Consistency and versatility is his game.

David Baas(Center) – not a great center.  He’s no Shawn O’Hara or Bart Oates.  Baas seems to be a major week link in the rushing game with very little push upfront.  This was a Jerry Reese signing so it’s highly unlikely Baas goes any where.   The Niners have gotten much better since his departure.

Chris Snee(Guard) – The Pro Bowl guard has recently, as of  last week, started to work out post surgery.   Snee still has a bit left in the tank if he can avoid injuries.  He still represents “nasty” among st a line a soft spoken nice guys.

David Diehl(Tackle) – Diehl is a fan favorite and warrior among today’s lineman, however, it might be his time to step down.   The Giants have moved him to 3 different positions in 3 years and he is not the best option at right tackle.

Matt McCants, Mosley & Brewer all offensive lineman drafted in the last two years need to step up and show they can be NFL offensive lineman, otherwise it’s time to let them go.

An offensive line is needed…sooner than later.

Craig J. Santucci | Senior Editor Giants Rush

twitter @CraigSantucci



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