Some one please call David Diehl.

The excuses are rampant.  The reasoning is transparent and now it’s time to face reality.   The New York Giants offensive line can not compete and help the team be successful with the current line up of players.  Jerry Reese failed to fix this glaring problem. 

While these players on the roster are good lineman the leap from college to the pro’s or joining a new team via free agency requires an established veteran presence to create success.

After going to the Jets Giants game on Friday night and then watching the game on the rebroadcast Saturday, I can confidently say that this line is too inexperienced, to raw and to unfamiliar with the surrounding parts to execute properly.  

Walton looks over matched on most plays.   He does not seem to have the strength nor the endurance to match up against defensive tackles and nose guards.   He does not appear to fire out or work with a low center of gravity and often does not finish his blocks leaving Eli Manning no choice but to bail from the pocket.

MosleyWhile Mosley seems to have gotten stronger in the last two years he is often just in the wrong place or has bad footwork.   He has no sense of the pocket and where pressure might be coming from.  He does not know how to keep his “head on swivel” to look for delayed blitzing linebackers or stunting crisscrossing defensive ends.

RichburgThe rookie is going to be very good in time but right now the kid needs a big brother. Someone to teach him the nuances of the game from the standpoint of what he’s about to face in the pro’s. The 2nd round pick is being bounced around between center, left and right guard. It understandable that he would be a bit out of his comfort zone. Without a mentor and constant shifting of positions his development could be delayed.

SchwartzI keep hoping it will happen…but I just don’t see it.  Schwartz does not strike me as a dominating force or a technically sound player.  He is very good run blocker at times and the track record of Jamaal Charles in Kansas City can a test to that.  His pass blocking is average and now that he is hurt(toe) one can only guess that he will start the season less than 100%.

BeattyIf Jerry Reese had not over paid Beatty by 15 million dollars he would be on the bench and the 2014 draft would have secured the Giants a franchise left tackle.   Beatty was beat on numerous plays on Friday, highlighted by whiff on Jason Babin that cause an Eli Manning fumble.

Beatty gave up a team high 13 sacks in 2014.  There were eight other lineman used is 2014, that is an average 3.3 sacks per lineman.

PughThe second year pro is the Giants best lineman; however, that does not mean he still does not having growing pains.  Friday night Pugh was beat a few times by the veteran Calvin Pace and was found too many times sliding inside leaving the outside open for linebackers and ends for a clear rushing lane.

This team needs professional lineman with experience.   That leaves the Giants to pick someone up that has been recently cut.  This proves that the Giants and Jerry Reese should have never let Kevin Boothe go via free agency and it wouldn’t hurt to call David Diehl.

Yes, Diehl might be settling into his post football career nicely, but I would take his knowledge and work ethic over what is in front of Eli Manning any day.

posted by Craig J. Santucci | Managing Editor