What Can Be Learned by The Giants Latest Moves

By: Andrew Santoro

The New York Giants, have made some roster moves, officially releasing Will Beatty and Geoff Schwartz. With Middle Linebacker Jon Beason announcing retirement, the Giants have parted ways with 3 high paid players.

These transactions will free up approximately, 12 million dollars in cap space. Making the Giants, the third richest team, coming in to the 2016 free agency period. According to, The Giants will have an estimated 58 Million dollars, to spend as of March 9th.

Looking into history, the Giants aren’t known for making big splashes in free agency. Will this year be different? Will GM Jerry Reese, part ways from his tendencies? Are the Giants in win now mode?

After the roster moves were made, I couldn’t stop from asking myself these questions. My gut says no, but my mind is going in a different direction…

Love him, or hate him Eli Manning, is a top tier quarterback, which is a major part in building a championship roster. With Eli being 35 years old, how many years does he really have left, 3 maybe 4? That also being about the amount of time left on star wide receiver, Odell Beckham’s rookie deal.

Having a player at Odell Beckham’s level on a rookie deal is a rarity, that the Giants should take advantage of. Once that deal expires, this highlight stealing superstar, could demand an astronomical amount of money.

Are the Giants going to go all in 2016, even if it could be detrimental to the cap over the next few years? That rout usually fails more time than not however, the Broncos did just win the Super Bowl with some key free agent acquisitions, in major rolls.

Will this be the year the Giants make headlines on the first day of free agency, signing a big name player like Eric Berry, Doug Martin, or Alshon Jeffery? Will the next two years Be Super Bowl or bust?

It is hard to imagine that with a new head coach. Although, looking at the Broncos again, Gary Kubiak has head coaching experience, but 2015 was his first year with Denver.

One thing that also needs to be factored into the equation is, how many losing seasons will the Mara family tolerate, before they decide to relieve Jerry of his GM responsibilities? Will Reese change up his game plan with a final attempt to save his job in New York?

Or will he follow in Tom Coughlin‘s footsteps, leaning on his traditional philosophies, till’ the bitter end? As always, there is lots of speculation surrounding the off-season, but one thing is for sure, this upcoming off-season will be, one hell of a ride.