By: Marco Imperati

The Giants return from the bye week after losing two straight in the NFC East. Big Blue will prepare for a tough, hard-nosed Indianapolis Colts team on Monday Night Football. The Colts played in a shoot out vs the Pittsburgh Steelers and came out of it on the losing end. Although down, you can never count the Colts out with Andrew Luck as he has shown time and time again in his young career, he’s a player who can bring his team back no matter the circumstances.

Let’s take a look at what’s Rushing or Crushing for the New York Giants.

Rush– Although it doesn’t show up in the box score, I thought Prince Amukamara held up about as good as he could have vs Dez Bryant. Bryant is one of the top 3 Wide out’s in the NFL. In a league where you can’t cover forever, some type of pass rush would have played into Prince’s favor. The Giants will see Dallas again very soon.

Crush– The screen game. When, how, where and if the Giants ever establish a completed screen pass, the running back may go the distance because the defense would never suspect it. Have the Giants completed a screen pass since, Tiki Barber?

Rush– Odell Beckham Jr., one on one, strikes fear into a corner back. Arguably, he may be the most important player to the offense in this 2nd half of the season.

Crush– Jon Beason, after giving it his all, decided to shut it down and have surgery on his toe injury that has plagued him since mini camp. In the last 4 seasons, which includes his time with the Carolina Panthers, twice has played in only four games and once playing in only a single game.

Rush– The team has been without Beason long enough this season where they should be able to move along with Jameel McClain and Devon Kennard filling the role.

Crush-Top free agents brought in this offseason: Geoff Schwartz, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, resigning of Jon Beason, Walter Thurmond III and Rashad Jennings. Anyone see a pattern here?

In the NFC, this next game vs the Colts is not as much of a must win as the remaining games on the 2nd half schedule. However, it’s so important for the Giants to come out and look physical in front of a National audience and home crowd.

In addition to being physical, the fans need to see a disciplined team that stops beating themselves with ridiculous penalties. Finally, the best players on this team need to play like pro bowlers and as Coach Coughlin likes to say, “play above the X’s and O’s”.

Michael Strahan will receive his Hall of Fame ring at halftime where 100 former Giants will be in attendance. I can’t think of a bigger stage for this team to rebound and get a much-needed win.